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Product Name: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless

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Hi guys welcome back to Premium Earphones. So today we’re going to be looking at the Turtle Beach stealth 600. This review is going to be about the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless which is released by Turtle Beach.

It is a wireless headset and it is priced under $120. This model works with the PS4 and for your PC. They also make an Xbox one model and I’m going to assume that they both sound and they work the same, but this review I’m going to be gearing towards the PlayStation model.


So, first things first we’re going to jump right into the accessories because normally with accessories it’s minimal and in this headset, you don’t get a wired option. So, you just get the wireless USB dongle and plug it straight into your PS4. It does not take the optical cable to connect with your device this time.

All you got to do is just plug it straight in and then you get the micro USB to USB charger for your headset itself.


The headset gets about 15 hours of battery life which is impressive for this headset but unlike other headsets in the past you’re not going to be able to use this one with your mobile devices because it’s just PC and just your console. The cool thing about This is they weigh nothing but even though they weigh nothing you have very thick soft padding at the top the ear cups. They are extremely soft. These are the same ones that were on the stealth 400 wireless model that came out years ago. I would say that this is the one that’s here to replace those on the edge.

They have the microphone, now the microphone is non-removable but the way that it folds back and these sticks up far and there’s a huge gap here and the reason for this is VR. You know companies are now designing their products to be able to work with VR. The microphone once you push it down it turns on and once you get it all the way back to it’s place it will you’ll hear a beeping noise and it will mute the microphone.

After doing some testing with the mic I can say that it keeps me from screaming and it gives me better awareness of things that are going on. So, lets say if somebody comes up to me and starts to talk to me while I’m playing, the mic will pick it up and I’ll be able to hear what’s going on around me. The overall mic quality I think sounds good for a wireless headset that’s under a hundred and twenty dollars.

I found that most wireless headsets seem to lack in mic quality and Turtle Beach designed this so the microphone sticks back far which keeps you from hearing the weird sound. So, it’s not right in front of your mouth which also keeps from hearing a lot of the esses. If you’re used to gaming, you’ll hear this in other people’s microphones but overall for this price a wireless headset it’s hard to top the mic.


On the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless you will have your volume control for the game and audio on the top and then your mic control on the bottom. I think that for some reason the volume on these could be a lot louder. I will get into the sound overall and what it all sounds like but the volume I just felt like could be some notches louder and maybe it’s just me maybe it’ll be fun for just you, but I need to point that out.

You also have the Turtle Beach logo is right across the top branding. It is minimal, and I mean you will see the little Turtle Beach logo on each side but it’s not obnoxious and again you will also have it in the ear cups. The adjustments are in the ear cups that go straight up and down that to me is like a unique look. On the middle part of these of the ear pads it’s soft.

Now that’s on your left is for people who have glasses so, that when you’re wearing them it’s so soft that it’s not adding pressure to the side of your head. Controls are simple on your left-hand side which is where your microphone is and that is where your controls are like power button and your mode button. Now both of these to me I felt like if there were actual physical buttons over on the headphone it would have been better because these are kind of hard when you have them on your head to be able to feel which one that you’re hitting.


The modes that you get with the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless have a signature sound mode, they have a bass boost mode and they have a bass and treble boost mode. But if you just have the power button while you’re using it, it will turn it on to super human hearing mode now what that does are that and people that do a lot of online gaming or even people that do like competitive gaming that amps up your mids and your treble so much where you can hear footsteps.

It really is made just to focus on being able to sound whore and hear people in different directions as to where like bass and treble boost mode is more just for like explosions and stuff like that.

So, there are different modes and they do each sound different. They all have their own use I personally like the bass and treble boost mode I left it on that and it sounded great for games and sounded amazing for music. I want to point that out because I listen to music on my PC and just for the sound alone, I’m telling you that for $100 I was surprised. I was surprised at how incredible music sounded. It would have been better if it was louder. It would have been better if I could just turn it up a lot louder and it’s not to say that these aren’t loud I just think you know I at least like to have the option if I want to turn it up to a level to give myself a headache.

I want to point out that in trouble and bass boost mode the treble is boosted enough that vocals sound good a lot of the other sounds in game sound good, but the bass is there to be able to add some excitement some punch into the sound. So the explosions sound like they’re happening right there with you. You will be starting to feel a little more that’s in the game that you don’t with most gaming headsets that have a flat sound signature or the gaming headsets that have bass boosted signatures seem to lack everything else.

So, Turtle Beach has a really good balanced blend so that if you want treble boost you can also boost your bass and then it gives you a more balanced sound but overall comfort these are pretty breathable you can leave them on for long periods of time and it doesn’t get hot it doesn’t get warm.


As you can see overall package was build quality you don’t want anything that’s all plastic and anything especially like this is straight up and down that I think like if you have a bigger head you might want to be a little concerned just be a little careful.

But you are talking about a $120 wireless headset. The battery life is incredible on these sounds although It would have been better if volume was louder. I felt like it is incredible with games and it is amazing even better with music. Again, it has a virtual surround feel so it gives you good spatial awareness in games which is what you want and for $120 on a wireless set.

It’s going to be hard to top or at least find better alternatives that are wireless. Turtle Beach I think did an incredible job with this. Thank you guys for checking out my quick review of the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset.





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  1. Great gaming headphones although it is a shame you cannot multi use these with your smart phone.

    I am impressed with these because the boys in my house always seem to need to shout while playing and using their current headphone plus when someone speaks to them they cannot really here – so thank you because these headphones seem to overcome those problems, so may need to be in the Xmas stockings this year!

  2. Awesome to know that there is a headset that enables the kids to hear when there using them. The guys will be happy it has that virtual surround feel to it. The Holidays are coming so will have to check it out. Thanks for doing my homework on this item. The price is right.Blessings Scarlett 

  3. Awesome. This Gaming headphones look pretty okay. I like the Quality of the headphone and the features it comes with. Not all plastic around. Battery life is very important. I like that it has an amazing battery life. But the price is quite high. Quality matters this. Thank you for sharing this review.

  4. We just bought a new TV set and looking for good earphones to complement in case we want to watch some movies without waking up the kids or the neighbors. I like that this one goes wireless – it just gives us more space to move around the living area. Thanks for the review. Will definitely check it out and see if they have a Black Friday deal for next week. 

  5. They really do look like a great choice for my Xbox One exploits (and new Fallout game specifically!), but one thing in your review stood out to me…

    You mention that they are very light in weight?

    This bothers me slightly as most gaming headphones I’ve purchased that are light seem to have an unnatural boost in the high end frequencies – due to the bass response just not being there. 

    Is this the case with the Stealth 600?

  6. These can not only save my sanity but I am very impressed with the price.  I am going to consider these for my grandson for Christmas for his Xbox.

    The only thing that bothers me a bit is he listens to a lot of music on his phone and it would be nice to have one that fits all.  However I keep coming back to the reasonable price.  

    Maybe he can continue to use ear buds for his music.  This was a great review.  Thank you.

  7. I believe that we all need headphones. I have to admit that they look good and I love the fact that they are wireless.I don’t like the fact that i can’t connect them with my smartphone, but it’s not so important for me.

    Can you suggest any alternatives?Thank you for this review.

  8. Hey there,

    as a gaming enthuasiast with a competettive soul, I can say that having an amazing sound quality in games is not only very cinematic and engaging, it also an amazing way to scan Your area from enemies and hear them coming or moving in compettetive, fast-paced online multiplayer shooter games! Your article came just in time as I am looking to upgrade my gear. So far, I am very impressed by Turtle Beach PS4 – Stealth 600 Wireless, due to its design which in my eyes is a beautiful mix between a proffesional and gaming-inspired look. Also, the price point is pretty good in my opinion. The adition of different modes is a very welcome and useful addition indeed. Thanks for such informative review, keep up the great work! 😉

  9. These headphones look comfortable enough for me to wear when I am on my computer. I like the fact that it is only a dongle and the battery life is good for the price. My son recently told me about these,more like a hint with the holidays coming LOL  Then I ran across your site must be the universe telling me to buy LOL  I love the glasses relief aspect of them most headphones don’t pass this test with me as they always end up hurting with glasses after awhile.

  10. Nice headset, the only drawback is it’s limitations to certain devices. I like the other awesome features though, especially that you’re able to hear when others are talking to you while using this headset. The light weight and comfortable fit also awesome. It’s a little pricey. Guess it’s worth it given the features.  Great review. 

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I finally am able to get down to it and get to purchase myself a set of gaming headphones. With all my expenses, I saved up. I was looking at other brands and when I came across your review of The Turtle Beach PS4, it helped put my mind at ease.

    I like the fact that there are 3 sound settings, I don’t fancy too much bass, and the ‘twin-balanced mode’ you talked about sounds superb. I am someone who also is protective over my ears, and though you mentioned that the sounds does not go too loud that is a great plus for me.

    Thanks for all the great help, can’t wait to test these out when I play Red Cell.

    Will let you know how it goes.



  12. I just recently found out that the quality of headphones can make a big difference in your listening experience and I was surprised to find out that my headphones actually work pretty well.

    I used to think that the long USB wire would be a benefit until I started getting my hand caught up in it. I ended up putting a hook in the wall behind my computer to hang the wire on. The only problem now is that when I move my chair away from the computer, the headphones get yanked off my head.

    What you reviewed here seems like a great solution to my problem. A good set of headphones without the physical connection to a computer giving me the freedom to move around my desk.

  13. Hi Sujardar

    I like what I read about Turtle Beach Stealth 600 wireless headphones.they say you get a ps4 that you plugin your computer. This is the best part no more pined to one spot no more cords and you can  adjust the sound.This will make a great Christmas gift.

    Thanks for the information

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