Sony MDR 1000X – Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone

Sony MDR 1000X – Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphone
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Hey everyone, it’s Sujandar from Premium Earphones. Today we are going to be looking at Sony MDR 1000X – Noise cancelling Bluetooth Headphone.


  • Carrying Case
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 3.5-millimeter Audio Cable
  • An Airplane Adapter
  • Instruction Manual

what you get in the package is a lovely carrying case that’s stable and protective for your headphones. The carrying case allows you to fold up the headphone and put them in there. At the back of the carrying case you will have a little pouch to keep all your accessories. As you are already getting a case you won’t have to spend money on buying a protective case for your headphone.

You will have the standard Micro USB cable and 3.5-millimeter audio cable for physical connections. You can use the 3.5-millimeter audio cable to use the headphone when the battery runs out. You will also get an airplane adapter for your in-flight entertainment.

In the instruction manual you have all the instructions for your headphone. It also shows you how to fold and put your headphone in the carrying case.


Sony MDR 1000X uses the right amount of metal in the right places to give it a more bold and stronger look. This makes the headphone feel very premium in the hands. It has a low profile and a classy feel with its ear cups. It’s a good-looking headphone. This headphone has artificial leather. The internal pads of the headphone are foam covered with the leather and I think the internal padding is better than the ones in the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II.

The headphone is light weight and there’s no wearing fatigue that you could notice. The crown of the head and the clamping force at the jawline is very subtle, it doesn’t create any inconvenience. I wore this headphone throughout my day and for my workouts and I never felt any discomfort. They also stayed in my head very well without me having to fix it.

I have also read a lot of reviews about this headphone from people who wear glasses. They say it is comfortable for them and even wearing it for a long period of time it didn’t hurt them. So, if you are a glass wearer then I think this headphone is a good choice for you.

The headphone is available in two different colors. You can get it in Grey and Black. I personally like the black color.


Instead of just buttons, Sony MDR 1000X has added gesture controls. It has gesture controls built into the right ear cup. You might find the gesture controls a bit tricky at first, but you will get used to it. The right ear cup here offers gesture controls and they are as good as the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless. The controls follow as:

  • Swipe Up and Down (Increasing Volume and Decreasing Volume)
  • Double Tap (Play, Pause, attending and hanging up calls)
  • Swiping Forward and Backward (Next Track and Previous Track)

A very subtle swipes up and down will adjust your volume. When you get to the maximum volume, you get a little beep sound to let you know that you have hit the maximum volume.

Double taps to play, pause, attending and hanging up calls. Swiping forward and backward will skip to your next track and go to your previous track.

If you still want to use buttons Sony still has that option available. On your left headphone you will have your Power Button, Noise Canceling Button and the Ambient Sound button.


One of the most unique features in this headphone is the Ambient Audio feature and the Noise Canceling feature.

The Ambient Audio allows you to hear your environment. The microphones in the headphone allows you to hear your surroundings. To turn on the Ambient Audio feature you just have to place your hand over your right headphone and that will turn your Noise Canceling and your music OFF and let you hear the environment. Once you take your hands off it will turn back your Noise Canceling ON and your music will play back. It is as simple as that, you don’t have to search for buttons instead it can be done by just placing your hand over the right headphone.

There is also a second mode called Ambient Voice, this only allows voices to come in when you are listening to music and it cancels out all other noises. I personally like this feature because let’s say I’m at my home, I can still listen to my music with my headphones and I will still be able to hear people around my house without me having to take my headphones off.

You can also activate the Ambient Sound Feature by pressing the Ambient Sound button on your left headphone.

Sony MDR 1000X’s acoustic noise-canceling is excellent like all Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones. It analyzes background noise around you and uses phase-shifted sound to cancel any background noises. Sony’s approach to Noise Canceling stands out the most in how you can turn it OFF if someone’s talking to you or you’re listening for an overhead announcement.

I did field testing and this headphone blocks out most of the background noises. I did test at the gym, malls and other public places. The headphone blocked all the noises regardless of the environment. Although, I wouldn’t recommend using Noise Cancellation while you are at a busy environment. It can be dangerous not being aware of your surroundings.

We have also got Near Field Communication (NFC). If you have a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled device, you can initially pair these headphones and all you got to do is tap it to the device and you’re good to go. I like that because it just takes the hassle out of having to hold the power button for a bunch of seconds and then find it in your Settings app. It’s a lot easier with the Near Field Communication (NFC).


Sony MDR 1000X has a nice clean bass experience. The sound has an accurate sound signature and it focuses more on the details. It does an impressive job delivering punchy bass without messing up the sound quality. It has great clarity and a nice dynamic range which allows it to work well with a lot of genres of music. I think you’ve got to be critical to find any issues with the sound of this headphone. I think anybody who tries it out will walk away with a good impression of these great sound.
If you combine your music or podcast with the Noise Canceling feature it feels like you are in your own sound booth. I especially love listening to 8D music using this headphone.
Mids are performed clean and clear. They are very neutral and yet very detailed. The voices are well pronounced.


Sony MDR 1000X has 20 hours of playback with Noise Canceling ON and 22 hours of playback with Noise Canceling OFF.

It takes around 4 hours to completely charge your headphone. It has a red indicator ON while it is charging, and it turns off automatically once it’s completely charged.

If your battery dies, you can still use the 3.5-millimeter audio cable to continue your listening. It gives you three indications: High battery level, medium battery level and low battery level. I wish it gave more specific indication.

Bluetooth Connectivity

While testing the Sony MDR 1000X I never lost connection with my phone. I tried them throughout my house, office and it held up good.

The quality of the sound is much better over Bluetooth then using it with the 3.5-millimeter audio cable. I think that is a great news because you will be listening or talking through Bluetooth more than using the audio cable.


The Sony MDR 1000X has Noise Canceling and the Ambient Sound feature. It keeps up to its competitors: Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II and Beats Studio Wireless Headphones. The battery can get you through the day.

It is an easy recommendation for business travelers, who wants to have a nice set of headphones which can block outside noises. Overall, I think these are an amazing pair of headphones.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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  1. Great article and super awesome writeup about Sony MDR 1000X, I was this headphone online a year ago but was turned off by the price, little did I know I was turning down an amazing headphone because the specs weren’t as precise as this. This really shed some bright spotlight on it and I got to fall for the headphone over again. I never knew the voice cancelling was this unique and advance. Great work. Keep it up. 

  2. Awesome article. I was looking for headphones these days, your article has provided me a detailed review. Though I also want to ask whether there is a mic in this headphone? So that we can also answer calls or use Skype.

    Since Sony is a trustworthy brand. My phone, laptop, and television are all Sony brand, so there is no doubt of the quality. But still, a review is much required. Thanks a lot for sharing this review. Looking forward to more of such.

    Also, I want you to use Amazon dot com since you are using Amazon Canada. 



    1. Hi Akshayasaxena,

      There is a built-in microphone in the headphone which you can use it for calls and your Skype calls. 

      Thank you so much for your comment, have a great day!

  3. Every lover of music loves good sounds and not just good sounds but also, quality sounds. I don’t like noisy earphones. I want high quality earphone or headset which cancels every noise on its own and that is why I may prefer Sony mdr 1000x. Since you assures noise cancellation with this headset. 

    1. Hi Kenechi,Sony MDR 1000X can cancel all your outside noises completely. You will definitely won’t be disappointed by the Noise Canceling Feature in these headphones.Thank you for your comment.

  4. Wow…. Nice blog post.

    I really love the way you outlined the review on this lovely device ‘Sony MDR 1000x headphone. It looks beautiful and I am thrilled with the fact it is designed to sieve out noise. I hope it can be used to make calls.? Because I am going to order for one immediately. I have always loved Sony products.

  5. Hi Sujandar,

    Reading your review on these Sony MDR 1000x headphones really makes me want to go out and buy these! I had no idea that these headphones had such great features such as the gesture controls to easily turn volume up or down, switch tracks, pause, etc. which would make things so much easier than trying to find the right button for each function.

    I have a couple of older wireless headphones that I use frequently, and find it frustrating at times trying to find the volume button on the headphone…I always mistake it for the channel button and end up losing the connection. Plus, they’re not very comfortable to wear for as long as I’d like, so knowing you found these Sony headphones to be comfortable to wear throughout your day is great news for me!

    I also really love the sound of the Ambient Noise function and Ambient Voice feature! It seems every time I put my headphones on that’s when someone decides it’s time to talk to me! Of course, then I can’t hear what they’re saying, so I have to either turn them off, missing whatever I’d been listening to, or move one side of the headphones off of my ear to hear them while still listening to music in the other ear, which is frustrating.

    I was wondering that when using the Ambient Noise feature by placing your hand over the right headphone, does it just mute the sound of your music or does it pause it so you can continue listening where you left off?

    Anyways, after reading this very detailed review on the Sony MDR 1000x, I believe these will be on my list to get someday in the future. These headphones sound like they’d be amazing! I also love the fact that there’s a built-microphone for calls, which reminds of another question that comes to mind. Would these be able to be used for the voice over while recording a video through a bluetooth device such as a phone, tablet, or camera?

    Thank you so much for providing such an awesome review! Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes ~Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry,

      First of all, I really appreciate you for taking your time and commenting on my post. When using Ambient Sound Feature by placing your hand over the right headphone will pause your music and when you take you hands off it will start off from where you left. 

      I believe you can use this headphone for voice over through your Bluetooth Devices. 

      I’m glad you read my review and I’m glad that it helped you know about the Sony MDR 1000X – Noise Canceling Headphones.

      Have a great day!

  6. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me.every lover of good sound and good music must fall in love with Sony Mdr is a brand of good quality ,this article said it all about Sony mdr 1000x ,great features and noise cancellation. Thanks for the information. 

  7. I have always been drawn to the beats headphones, but reading your post on the sony mdr 1000x I might start thinking in the direction of Sony. I love the fact that it comes with so much, case and usb cable as well. Using a headphone with glasses is no longer a pain. Thanks for this review! 

  8. Sujandar!

    Good review about some great headphones made by one of the big guns, Sony. But they are a bit expensive if I compared with the WH1000XM3 for 100 bucks less. Still they seems to deliver great quality and the BT with battery life is something that any travelers needs to not have any cables running around and lasting all day. 

    Also, compared with Bose headphones, the app is definitely better with Sony. More tweaking like equalizer and Ambiant tweak make it easy to take a winner. 

    I think there’s so many headphones available these days and you wont be disappointed with these. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Alvaro,

      Yes comparing to the WH1000XM3 the Sony MDR 1000X is a bit expensive but you also get some added features on this that you won’t see in the WH1000XM3. You should definitely give this a try. Thank you for the comment.

      Have a nice day!

  9. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful designed pair of head phones to my attention.  I’m a huge lover of music and I have always found that some head phones can cause discomfort after a long period of use but the Sony MDR 1000X seems totally different.  Your review tells me of the sound quality they give and that’s very important to me.  The only thing left now is for me to try some! 

  10. This is a really awesome headphone and reading your post makes me want to get them immediately. i didnt know headphones could have this great features. Listening to music with this headphones will be amazing. My headphones recently got broken so i am replacing it with the sony MDR 1000X. Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

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