Samsung Gear Icon X – 2018 Edition

Samsung Gear Icon X

Amazon 3.2/5
SoundGuys 3.7/5
CNet 3.5/5
TechRadar 3/5
PCMag 3.5/5

Hey everyone, it’s Sujandar here from Premium Earphones. True Wireless Earphones are slowly getting better nowadays, and I think they’re starting to get traction among people. Today I’m here to help you make that purchase decision. Welcome everyone to the review of the Samsung Gear Icon X.


The accessories inside the box follows as:

  • Charging Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Two Wingtips (Small and Large)
  • Two Ear tips (Small and Large)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Two USB Adapters (One for PC and One for micro USB)
  • USB type-C Cable

The medium-sized wing tip and the ear tips are already pre-installed on the Icon X. I found the medium size set to fit me comfortably, but you can easily swap them out for the smaller or larger ones to suit you.


The Samsung Gear Icon X has three wings and three ear tips with different sizes. The earbuds are still light weight and comfortable even with wearing the ear wings and the ear tips.

The Samsung Gear Icon X offers Passive Noise Isolation. Combining with the Passive Noise Isolation, the earbuds sit well inside your ears which allows you to cancel outside environmental noises better than the Apple AirPods. That’s because Apple AirPod’s design doesn’t let their earbuds to sit inside the ears which lets environmental noises leak into to your ears.

These are a very stable earbuds. I used these earbuds while I was at the gym, jogging and while running and they have never fallen out of my ears. So, considering this I think it does a great job staying in your ears.

The Icon X is not a certified water-resistant earbuds. Even on their website and on their specification sheet I didn’t find anything stating that they are water resistant, so I had to do the testing myself. I poured water on the Samsung Gear Icon X and they still worked fine after that. I sweat a lot during my workouts and the earbuds worked fine even after that. So, I think you shouldn’t be worried about sweat or even water splashes on the earbuds.

Apple AirPods has a better water protection than the Samsung Gear Icon X. The Icon X only offers light protection which I think is good enough for most of the people, but Samsung could have worked more on having a better water resistance.


In the Samsung Icon X you can just Tap and hold on your earbuds to activate the Ambient Sound feature which will turn off the Passive Noise Isolation and let you hear your environmental noises. This is a useful feature. When you want to hear someone talk or hear what’s going on outside you don’t have to necessarily take out your earbuds. Instead you can just tap and hold on your earbud to do that. Although Passive Noise Isolation can help you block out environmental noises, it can be dangerous not being aware of your surroundings when you are in a busy area. So, at times like that the Ambient Sound Feature can be handy and useful.

One of the biggest feature which made me buy the Samsung Gear Icon X is the 4GB built-in music storage. With this feature you can store up to 4 gigabytes of music or up to 1000 songs right in your earbuds. This means you don’t necessarily need your phone to listen to music and also can save up a lot of space in your phone. This is one of the few True Wireless headphones in the market that offers built-in storage.

There are three ways to put music onto the Icon X.

  • From the phone to the Icon X via USB cable and USB adapter.
  • From the phone to the icon X wirelessly.
  • From your computer to the icon X via USB cable.


To manage music stored on the Icon X, load up the Samsung wearables app. Using the app, you will be able to shuffle, delete and rearrange the tracks. You also can add tracks to a premade workout or favorite playlist. Unfortunately, you are not able to create your own playlist. The Icon X also comes with gesture controls which were extremely confusing for the first week of use. To be fair after about a week I got accustomed to them and they do work fine.

  • Swipe Up/Down = Volume Up or Down
  • Tap and Hold = Launch Ambien Sound or Activate Google Voice – Siri – Bixby
  • Double Tap and Hold = Next Track
  • Triple Tap and Hold = Previous Track

The Icon X provides sensitive and intuitive controls that are responsive and much easier than the physical buttons. A gentle swipe on either earphone can adjust volume. Tapping allows for skipping, going back on music and all the menu features.


The Samsung Icon X offers up to 7 hours of playback when it is fully charged. When I tested these earbuds, I was able to achieve 5 hours of playback while listening in 50% volume. I’m giving more credit to Apple AirPods because I used to get 5.5 hours with 50% volume. I will still say that the Icon X is in the upper end of the average True Wireless Headphones in the market.

If you are new to True Wireless Headphones you might wonder that 5 hours of battery might be less but most of the True Wireless headphones in the market offers about the same amount of battery life. I think 5 hours is more than enough for our daily commute and a workout session.

Just like the Apple AirPods you can store your earbuds in the carrying case. The carrying case can be used as a power bank. You can get an hour of playback by charging the earbuds in the carrying case for just 10 minutes. For a complete charge it usually takes about an hour. I love the design and aesthetics of the case. It’s super cute. The case has a slight magnet to ensure the earbuds are seated properly in position for charging.

With the Apple AirPods or the Jabra Elite Active 65t you can get multiple charges from the case but with the Icon X you can only get one full charge. Apple offers about 5 full charges and Jabra offers 2 full charges. So, I think this is one of their biggest downside.

There are two indicator lights on the front of the charging case which will shine green when the earbuds are fully charged and will shine brighter if the earbuds are being charged via the case.

On the back you have a button to put the headphones into Bluetooth pairing mode as well as an LED indicator to show you the battery status of the case. Although I would like to see the case provide more than one full charge in the grand scheme of things it’s more than adequate. I’m very happy with the battery performance.

Bluetooth Connectivity

You can just press and hold the Bluetooth button and ensure the Bluetooth is enabled on your smart phone. If you don’t already have the Samsung Gear App it will prompt you to download it from the store.

Once paired you’ll be taken directly into the app. The next time you want to use it, simply open the lid and it will pair automatically. I was glad that these stayed in my ears while training without any adjustments. I highly suggest that you try each pair of wingtips and ear tips provided to find the one that fits you.

Samsung has started using Bluetooth 5.0 on their latest tech devices, so I was expecting the Icon X to also have the 5.0. Unfortunately, they are still using version 4.0 on their earbuds. The 4.0 version still performs good. When I tested the Icon X it gave me up to 72 feet of connectivity which is about 22 meters. You might not get the same because sometimes the walls in your house or any other place you go might play a role in the connectivity. Overall the connectivity is strong.


One of the impressive and a very useful feature that the Icon X has is the built-in coach and their fitness tracking feature. You can set up the earbuds to give you updates and statistics on your workout or running. You can set your Icon X to update you with your distance, calories, calories burned, speed and your duration automatically at certain intervals through the voice assistant. In this way you don’t have to take out your phone to check these details. This is a great addition to the earbuds.

The accelerometer allows the Icon X to estimate how fast or slow you are running as well as how far you’ve traveled. It will then provide voice prompts urging you to speed up or slow down based on a pre-selected running program in the wearable app. It’ll say things like take longer strides to increase your pace or speed up to reach 8.5 kilometers an hour.

If you use Samsung’s health to track your training, you also have the option to export your workouts directly from the wearables app. I wouldn’t count on the Icon X to be super accurate with its tracking abilities but if you’re looking for a push to your runs I think the built-in Coach provides a very good motivation.

Sound Quality

Let’s look at the Samsung Gear Icon X’s sound quality. The call quality on the earbuds over the Bluetooth has been very impressive. I’m able to hear the person I’m speaking to very clearly and when asked how I sounded I was told by several that they couldn’t tell the difference in quality compared to if I was using my phone.

I have used the Jaybird Run In-Ear Earphone, Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones and a lot more. So, comparing to those earphones the Icon X gave me a neutral and a clean bass. The bass never distorted even when I was listening at a full volume. At the same time the Icon X couldn’t keep up with the heavy bass that the competitors are offering. But this is surely more enough for most of the people.

When I listened to 8 Dimensional songs I was able to achieve right, left and all other audio separations. It was great listening to 8 Dimensional songs with full volume. It gives you a great experience. I felt like I was in my own sound booth. I recommend trying this out when you get the Icon X.

In terms of music I’m very happy with their overall sound quality considering that they are truly wireless. If you have a device that supports Dolby Atmos make sure that’s turned on, it does make a difference. The Samsung wearable app includes an equalizer that lets you choose from 5 pre-sets. My favorite one is dynamic.


The Samsung Gear Icon X is definitely a great choice when it comes to True Wireless Headphones. It has some cons, but the pros really stand out than the cons.

The big selling features for me are the ability to store music directly on the earbuds using the 4GB Built-In storage. It has a good sound quality combined with the sleek low-profile design that stays in my ears. I absolutely love not having to lug my phone around during workouts

Also, their Passive Noise Isolation, Ambient Sound, Built-in Coach and the Fitness Tracking features are some additions you should take into consideration while making the purchase decision.

I hope this review helped. If you have any further questions or comments, let me know below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

26 Replies to “Samsung Gear Icon X – 2018 Edition”

  1. This is actually a cool product, the Samsung Gear IconX, I’ve got one and many of my gym buddies have them too. I like it because they work as standalone media players for when you upload music from your phone and you can also create two more playlists: one favorite and one for the gym and it’s perfect use in everyday activities. I don’t think I’d feel whole without it and I’m happy to see you promoting it here. Cool review!

  2. Thank you for sharing such an informative post, personally I am a victim of fake earphones to an extent I had to stop purchasing them, everytime I buy however expensive they are they turn up to disappoint me in two to three weeks, but after going through your post I tend to believe there exist great earphones, I will have to try out the premium earphones and sed how they work, kindly attach some affiliate links to your images, with affiliate prices to make sure that someone buys the original product, thank you.

    from Joy.

    1. Thank you for your comment Joy. I have included links throughout the post. There is also price update when you click “Check here for the price”. 

  3. HI Sujandar!Thanks for the article on wireless headphones; nowadays this is almost must have equipment.  I liked the fact that you show the different positive attributes of the Samsung Gear Icon X, because it tells me what to be on the lookout for.  Personally, I think that the storage feature is beneficial because it give you additional freedom.

    Thanks again, for putting this article together.

  4. This earbuds really look attractive. Looks like a cool accessory to have. 

    I’m sure it would really have a good sound because it is a Samsung product. The ability to store music directly to the pods is magnificent but you’ll still need to connect it to another device to view the files on the pod. 

    I’m not a fan of ear pods as I prefer headsets but this one is worth buying.

  5. The Samsung Gear Icon X 2018 Edition sounds like what I need (no pun intended!). I have mostly Samsung tech items I use now, and these would fit right in and seamlessly work with the devices I currently use regularly. They have all the features I am looking for, and the battery life is acceptable if not outstanding.

    I also will use these in the gym and for my runs, so they will have a lot of use. In the office, I use earbuds and sometimes even when getting some sun outside during an afternoon work break.  This means to me they are worth the investment to replace my older set now which are not that great.

    Overall, I really appreciate your review of these wireless earbuds, I now have a clear picture of what I needed to know. Good job and you have helped sell another set of these to a future happy customer! 


    1. Thank you so much for taking your time and commenting on my post Dave. I’m glad that my review has helped you make that purchase decision.

  6. I love this ear phone. I am a fan of Samsung mobile devices, I am currently using Samsung galaxy S8. I will be more than happy to add the icon X ear phone to my collection of Samsung devices.

    I love the fact that it has a large storage capacity for music. This is because I am a music lover this is will be good for me when I am going for walkout. This battery life is also good. 

    Thanks so much for this review. 

  7. Hey Sujandar,

    These Samsung Ger Icon X are truly amazing earbuds. They have amazing sound quality and the touch buttons are very functionally and practical to use. Pairing was super easy with my Galaxy S9+ the “Galaxy Wearable” app is very useful and was auto-setup fast. 

    This product performs the best with samsung as do the airpods with apple, and these are perfect for my use. They are probably the best earbuds I’ve ever owned (better than wired)I kept hearing that it wouldn’t stay in people ears, but it fits super well like it was moulded specifically for my ears, and doesn’t stick out too much either, as I can still hear music in bed with my ear on the pillow. I am using the size 2 ear wings and the size 3 earpieces but just find what’s right for you. 

    The volume is incredible, it has independent volume control for each earbud and your phone volume.I would definitely recommend this product 110% as it is really amazing and offers everything I love and more.

    Thank you.

    Shui Hyen

    1. Hi Shui Hyen, thank you for sharing your experience with the Samsung Gear Icon X. You have pointed out some important features and issues which might help other people. 

  8. I’ve been playing with the idea of getting wireless earphones for some time now. 22m range sounds like a really good deal, I can imagine you would get connectivity all around the house..unless your house is ginormous.

    My only drawback is being old school and being scared bluetooth  “radiation” may effect my head. DO you know if there’s any research done in connection to this?

    1. Hi Katya, to be honest with you I’m not sure myself. I think it is still unsure if it really affects our health. What I think is the tech devices nowadays don’t do much harm like they used to be before five to six years. All the companies are taking precautions for this issue. 

  9. I am a total lover of Samsung tech products especially earphones and mobile devices, I am used to several bluetooth earphones and the designs seems to be changing everyday.One thing though is that i love listening to music and it have to be of god quality sound, with you review i would try the earphone out.I have a question please, Though the sound may be the best but some studies mentioned it is bad to use the earphones for a longer period. Wonder if it is true or just one superstition? as i am fond of using my earphones at loud volume all day

    1. Hi Rahye, I mean not just earphones any tech if used for a long period of time is not good for our health. It is good to take a break now and then. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Thank you Sujandar, the Samsung gear Icon X looks amazing. First I like the fact that it is wireless, then the size it is good. It is just the right size for the ears. What really got me was the health aspect of it. It’s like having a Fitbit and an iPod fused into one gadget. I won’t even need to check, it speaks to me. I should get one of these.  

  11. Great and nice post, I have stumbled on your post more than a couple times and I can tell you categorically that your review of products are always great, straight to the point ,honest and unbiased. I think I like the battery life of the icon X and I can’t wait to order for one. 

  12. Hi SUJANDAR,

    This is a nice informative review about Samsung Gear Icon X ear phone product. I have used few ear phones which are not multi functional and not comfortable also. But I believe it will be comfortable and longer lasting. I like the rechargeable feature and wireless function. I am going to buy one of those for my daughter’s birthday gift. Thanks for sharing.

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