Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones

Are you thinking about getting the Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones? It’s got 3.5 stars on Amazon and some people have said they loved them and some people said they hated them. So today we’re going to find out if the Powerbeats 3 is worth the money or not.

Hey what is going on guys, it’s Sujandar here from Premium Earphones. We’re going to be doing an in-depth review. We will be going over the design, the features, the sound quality and we’ll also go over the pros and cons of the Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphone. I’ll also be going over who the headphones are exactly for in my opinion.


The first thing I’m going to go over is the design. All the plastic construction feels solid and the adjustable ear hooks helps keep the earphones in your ears during running, weightlifting or any kind of vigorous movements you can name.

They come with four silicon tips in general. You can get these headphones in Black, White, Defiant Red & Black, Pop Indigo, Pop Magenta, Pop Blue and Pop Violet. These are in-ear headphones and inside we have the indicators to show left and right. On the left if you turn the power button on you can see the light starts indicating and underneath it, you have a USB port where you will be charging your headphone. You can just attach it from your headphones into a computer, an outlet or any other power source.

There’s nothing different on the right one, you just have the simple earbud but, on both headphones you have microphones which allows you to talk over the phone. As we move down there are the controllers which will be on the left side of the headphones, so you can control it by either increasing or decreasing the volume.

In the middle you have the play and pause button, and of course you will also be able to take calls. If you simply click the button to answer a call it will do that for you and then at the end it has a little collar where you can adjust the headphones and it will allow it to stay on your back. So, wherever you’re moving, those collars will keep it secure. One of the disadvantage of this headphone is that it starts to irritate your ear canal if you wear these for a long time, especially if you’re not doing anything, then it’s going to feel itchy but if you’re working out then it’s not going to annoy you that much because you will not be focusing on that. Now we’re going to move over to the features.


The first feature that we can’t overlook is the Apple W1 chip. If you’re an Apple user if you have an iPhone, then these will pair up conveniently well but if your someone with an Android you are not going to get the same benefits as you would if you were an Apple user. It still works great but you won’t get the same benefits relatively to apple.

These are Bluetooth wireless. So, you don’t have any wires going into your phone you simply just have the headphones by itself. It just goes around your ears and you connect it via Bluetooth.

The battery life is claimed at 12 hours, which is long for in-ear headphones. I have tested them, and it pretty much stays up to it’s statement. Powerbeats 3 also have Quick Charge which is a bonus because if they do die out quick, you can charge them for 5 minutes and it will last you to like up to an hour.

And the last feature is they are sweat resistant, and this is more of a design aspect, but they do prevent any kind of water or precipitation. As I’ve tried these in the gym, it has worked well for me. I’ve also read reviews on Amazon then they’ve said that it tends to slip out of your ear canal if you get too sweaty. If you are someone who’s going to be doing heavy workouts and sweat a lot just keep this in mind.

So immediately the advantages for having these headphones, if you’re an Apple user is it’s going to have a strong connectivity when it comes to Bluetooth and you’ll be able to get all the benefits of the sound quality and instantaneous pairing and it also delivers a decent performance for android users too. Now I’m going to move over to sound quality.


Powerbeats 3 Wireless headphone have a good sound quality. It is good enough to compete with any other sports Bluetooth earphones category now. There’s plenty of fine detail in the notable lack of distortion. First up the bass in my opinion is where these headphones shine. The Powerbeats 3 is known for that. It doesn’t kick as well as I’d like it to, it’s not something that I would personally go for, but these are great for someone who just enjoy clean, reasonable bass.

The highs are quite clean, the vocals are also pretty good. So, when it comes to these headphones, I think the bass shines the most in my opinion. Even if the volume is full, the Powerbeats 3 still holds the bass well. The microphone performs well, especially for active users it’s capable of maintaining a phone conversation while out on a bike and it does an excellent job of shielding your voice from wind and background noise. The audio quality is much improved than the Powerbeats 2.

Moreover, one of the qualities that the Powerbeats 3 has is the openness of its soundstage. Sound from left and right audio channels have tons of audio separation and direction of sound from the front of you to behind you. They are very much distinguishable. It’s very impressive for a pair of sport earphones


  • Powerbeats 3 Wireless headphones have powerful audio performance for all the bass lovers out there
  • It has one of the best battery life


  • The high boosted bass and the sculpted high are not for anyone who is looking for an accurate sound signature
  • They could have made the fit better


To conclude, an average consumer standpoint Powerbeats 3 is still a quality pair of earphones. The battery life is one of the best of all. The wireless range is possibly the best and they will stay on most people’s head perfectly fine. Enjoy the Powerbeats 3 Headphones.

If you have any questions or comments let me know below in the comments. I’ll be glad to reply to it.

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  1. I must say that this article was very helping to me because I need to get one headphone for me and my girl. I did not hear about this brand so far but I see that it is a pretty quality product. I cheked the price on Amazon and they fit my budget, what I like the most about Powerbeats is battery life, quite powerful.

  2. What a great review! I have been in the market for some Bluetooth headphones, and this will be one I put on my list. Thanks for listing all the features, including being honest about them being more Apple specific.

    I don’t have any wireless earbuds, so I appreciate the comment about comfort and fit, since I often wondered. I also appreciate that they are moisture proof, as I would be using them outdoors doing yard work.

    Thanks for a great article.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for your comment Tom. I try to be as honest as I can. At the end of the day if I can help someone make a decision on buying a specific headphones I will be really happy. 

  3. I am bass kind of aperson  plus I am mostly kind of an outdoor person this those earphones can work well with putting in consideration the battery life is 12 hrs that’s makes  fit. Well with  me . having using some Chinese model that doesn’t last 4 hrs,that’s  make powerbeats to very perfect .

  4. This is an awesone product and a very informative article on this powerbeat 3 headphone but it is not actually what im looking for as it does pair up with an apple phone than an Andriod which in my opinion should have been done to fit both spec of phones  other than this im so cool with it.

    1. Thank you for your comment Seun Afotanju. Yes Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones work better for all the Apple devices better than android but it still gives you a decent performance on any Android devices. 

      I have personally used it on Samsung Galaxy S9 and it has worked almost the same for me. I couldn’t tell any big differences while using it. 

      So if that is your worry about these headphones I wouldn’t worry much as it still works well with Android devices.

  5. I’m a fan of beats, but these don’t look like they are worth the cost.  Especially considering I prefer less bass overall.  The design looks good, but somewhat fragile.  Have you heard of any problems with them breaking easily?

    I’m looking for something to pair with my iPhone while running…so these seem to be a good fit.  And I love that you said they deliver some pretty rich and accurate sound.

    Anything thoughts on an alternative pair of headphones in the sub $100 range?  If not, I just might have to try this pair out.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Thank you for your comment Kmv. No so far I haven’t heard any complaints of them breaking. I am using these for two years now and it is still working well.

      An alternative will be Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset. Check it out here https://premiumearphones.com/j

  6. Sound as if these are very good and well-built headphones. I am not familiar with this type so I will have to take your word for it, but it sounds as if you did a thorough review. 

    It seems the overall sound is very good and the bass sound is excellent, and it seems the price is about right for this type of headset.

    You did cover the ear earbuds and the fact they could get somewhat uncomfortable after some time. I am just wondering how they are with canceling the outside noise, such as when on an airplane or while driving? 

    Thank You for your review and hope to talk soon!

    1. Thank you for your comment Wayne. 

      The microphone performs well, especially for active users it’s capable of maintaining a phone conversation while out on a bike and it does an excellent job of shielding your voice from wind and background noise.

      So I would say it does a pretty good job in eliminating outside noises.

  7. Thanks for the detail on these headphones! I always wondered why they were so pricey (well…. to me!)

    A 12 hour battery life is pretty good. I liked the in-ear detail too…(might get a pair myself!

     And you have just taught me about bass and vocals and sculpted sound!  I find that bluetooth doesn’t always connect with other headphones. Is the connectivity consistent with these powerbeat headphones and android phones?

    1. Thank you for your comment Liz. You won’t have any problem with the connectivity, Either it is Apple or Android it still works very well. The connection is consistent with both Android and Apple.

  8. I am really glad that I found your article, I am someone that values earphones or headphones that provide accurate sound and I am not particularly fond of ones that boost the bass too much. I was looking for a pair of earphones that I could use when I am at the gym but still have true sound, would there be an alternative you would recommend?

  9. Hello Sujandar,

    Thank you for this high quality review. I currently have one of the first versions of the beats by dre bluetooth headphones. It does slip out of my ear every now and then and does not have the same design feature as these newer models. With repeated use, I have found that one of my ear buds has lost sound in it. I’m not sure if it’s too late to get it repaired since I’ve had it for over two years now.

    I like that you compared the ratings to other review sites as well. This goes a long way to show comparisons and not just give your own review of it. It has always been a high quality sound product and this one looks no different. I like the design feature of putting it over the ear. I think that would work better for me when running on the tread mill.

    I hope the controls are better as I had a tough time figuring out which button was which when using it to start out. Plus I would accidentally hit the button to pause it and forget which button it was or how to undo it. It looks like this is a much better model than my current one so I’ll look into it. Thanks for the info and your review. I look forward to your future product review articles.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment on my review Daniel Gonzales. I would love to give you a heads up when I post new articles.

  10. Hi Sujandar,these earphones are pretty good!! I have some for 3 years now, but the sound started rustling recently, everytime I move the cable…Maybe it’s time for new ones! I really like that they are Bluetooth wireless… It would be great if battery lasted for 12h as they said. It’s great that you tried them and confirmed that they told the truth. Everything about these earphones is great, but I only don’t like that sound isn’t so accurate. It is of course better than these that rustle, but still I would love to have a nice sound. :)I will consider buying them, I bookmarked this.Thanks,Susan

  11. Hey there, so I was going through some of your reviews, and besides all the great content and points I still could not decide between these powerbeats or the bose headphones (that you have also reviewed before…).

    So between these 2 headphones which one would you choose and why? Just hoping to hear some more experienced opinion to make my decision easier 😀

    Cheers, Luiz

    1. Thank you for your comment Luiz. Personally I would go with Powerbeats 3 because I have an Iphone X and as I said in the review Powerbeats are really compatible with apple devices. Also another reason to choose Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphone over the Bose Headphones will be the battery life. Powerbeats 3 has a better battery life than Bose headphones.

  12. Well finally someone that can give me an advice, i have been looking for headphones for my two kids that are driving me nuts with the noise they make when they play on the play station….if I can get them two sets and  wireless that would be the best option ever since they alwasy break the one with cables….

  13. I always go for both fit and sound quality when browsing earbuds. I do either wired or wireless, as I never have a preference. In the summertime, both fit and sound quality become of greater importance because I do a lot of outdoor running; at least five times a week. My biggest fear is an earbud popping out of my ears, which is why comfort is my number one feature I look for. Brand name, flashy looks, color, and the new thing never appeal me; it’s all about sound and comfort. 

    1. Thank you for your comment Todd Matthews. Looks like Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones is the exact one which suits you,

  14. You had me at 12 hours that is long time for battery, and also you can charge for 5 minutes and use for an hour, that is really good. As someone who uses headphones everyday, this ones sound like a good idea.

    very good and detailed review, very helpful.

    Great job. thank you

  15. Hi Sujandar:

    I have this powerbeat 3 wireless headphone and I enjoy using this product for going to the gym, house chores, mowing the lawn and many more. They  headphone have great sound quality and can block exterior sounds. One more great feature that this earbuds has is that when they are coming to the end of the charges in the battery it would beep at you, to let you know that the battery is about to die. Sure, I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a good pair of wireless headphone.

    Thanks for the insightful post Sujandar


  16. I really appreciate your review! I use an android, but my aunt and her husband use iPhones. Totally different worlds, but I was looking for a set of headphones to get for them that would be really nice, but pair really well with their phones too. I showed them this review and they are loving the idea of it, plus the color options.

    Isn’t it weird how easily influenced we are when colors are involved! Thanks for the review. It was def helpful

  17. The features of this brand is very convincing and I have love them after reading this article. This really came at the right time because I have been wanting to get an headphone for myself but I want something that will be very comfortable when working out. This being wireless is suitable for working out and I am getting one of this for myself. I must appreciate you for sharing this article it has given me the be

  18. Is this the same brand as beats by Dre? Looks like the same logo. Used to have a pair of that brand and they were really good. What is the difference between apple and Android? How will it be noticeable? I am looking for new headphones but I think this brand sound pretty good. 

    1. Thank you for your comment Alexandra. Yes this is the same brand as Beats by Dre. The only difference that I have noticed so far is while connecting it to my phone. It is slower in Android compared to connecting it on an Apple device. Other than I haven’t noticed any big differences.

  19. Thanks for sharing this – about Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones.  This is really a concise and helpful review.

    I am glad i was able to read about it, as i was looking for a headphone i can be use for my running.  It seems this is a good choice but i am considering the fact that it is well supported by Apple.  I am an android user.

    I wonder how long the battery lasts for this headphone?

    But overall, this sounds like a good headphone.

  20. Hey, thanks for sharing your review.

    I’m actually looking for a wireless earphones that’s easy for me to go around with – especially when I’m working out or even doing yoga (so I can hear the instruction more clearly). But…. I just read your review and you mentioned that it’s not great with Android, and I’m an Android users.. such a bummer. Was really looking forward to this earphone especially the slick all white design.

    I’m also had been thinking of Aftershokz, the open-ear aearphone. Do you have any review on that?

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Thank you for your comment Wina. In the review I mentioned that you won’t get the same benefits for an Android device Relatively to Apple. So it still works good enough with an Android device. 

      I don’t have any review on Aftershokz yet. 

  21. Hey Sujandar,  

    l am currently searching for Sport earphone and this review just comes in time.  I love earphone that produces quality sound especially with good bass base and long battery life. I think this earphone is perfectly fit me as  I use to work at the gym for 5 days a week. Further, it is sweat resistant. I will check out it with Amazon after this.

    Thank you.

  22. Thank you for sharing this great information about this headphones.

    I been looking to replace my existing headphones, due to the battery problem it’s not holding the charge anymore and after I read your article this power beats, look to be a good headphones to try and hopefully fix my battery issue. Price are on my spending range. 

  23. As with most people, the headphone is usually the last thing that you consider. That is until you happen to meet someone with a decent pair and your free or 3.99 pair suddenly become your biggest irritation and the first thing that you endeavour to replace. Now that is where things can got very wrong, and become very expensive, very quickly.

    Because of this subjective reviews of audio products is very welcome and very cost effective, so thank you very much 

  24. Nothing like the crisp, solid and clear sound of stereo music in your room, car or elsewhere! And with this world so full of extra, unwanted noise…a headphone does the job for us in screening out these noise and listen to just what you want to listen to.This article has listed some really great products so check them out. Joe Joson/JosonInc, Wealthy Affiliate

  25. After my husband received a new set of earbuds for Christmas, I have been looking around for a new set for myself. I immediately pass by all the no frame earbuds, as they ALWAYS fall out of my ears – even when I’m just sitting with them on! So forget trying to work out with them! I’ve tried like three different brands. It never works.

    I love that these earbuds have a long battery life. That’s definitely a plus. But to be honest, I’d just like a pair that stay in! I think this design is the right design for me. Thanks for the review!

  26. I love the look of these headphones! I’m a huge fan of wireless earphones. I hate fumbling around with wires, especially when I’m on the go. 

    12 hours of battery life is amazing. Most wireless earphones I’ve ever had only lasted about 3-4 hours without a charge, but they were cheap of course. The Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones are a premium pair and I think people will definitely get their money’s worth if they buy them.

    Thanks for the great review!


  27. Your article is full of information that is helpful. Would you know if the power beats works good on every phone, or is there a phone that the sound is better? I ask cause with bluetooth some work better with apple and some don’t. The fit is very important to me as my ear is shaped different, does it come with fits? 

    1. It works well with all the phones. I have so far never heard any complaints about this issue.

      Yes they come with total four fits.

  28. Hi

    Thank you for this article …I was just looking for this for my training – Hiking. Best of all, it’s wireless with great sound. Ok, the price is a bit wobbly, for me. Otherwise, I’m an Android user an I use Level Active from Samsung and I’m pleased.Thanks again for this reviewRegardsAndrej

  29. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this review. 

    I’m using a pair of Klipsch and as much as I like it, I’ve been hoping to find a pair of wireless headphones that will be with me on my exercises and this seems like it will do the job.

    I’m just concerned that it may fall off when I’m jogging.

  30. I have been looking to give the Beats Brand a try. I usually purchase Bose or Plantronics.I like the simple design of these headphones. They use a hook to keep them in place on the ear. Nothing fancy that is likely to cause them to slip off.I am sure the sound quality is good but I am concerned about noise cancellation during phone calls.I would be using them in noisy Data Centers on conference calls and that feature would be important to me.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It cancels adequate amount of outside noise. So I think you won’t have any problems with that.

  31. Lovely review, I have been looking for wireless earphones and didn’t know how to choose the right ones!

    Thank you for this thorough product review, I found it to be highly informative and unbiased.

    Finding the right product for a newbie like myself is often challenging with sales people pushing whatever product they are incentivised to push.

    I love that you have given the review by breaking it down to the various components of the headphones.  Your review has given me enough information to enable me to choose and compare various headphones.

  32. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on powerbeats 3 wireless headphones.It is a  good thing that we have improvement in our lives.I like headphones especially but mine are out of date that’s why I was planning to buy updated ones.

    I can’t think about any other headphones after reading this review because powerbeats3 wireless headphones seems to be amazing with the button to answer calls which is so cool to me.

    I am going to order it soon .

  33. An earphone is something that I can’t do a day without. I like to listen to music anywhere I’m in. Because it calms the mind. So to prevent disturbing people around, I always go along with my earphones anywhere I’m going to. This is not the first time I’ve read about wireless headphones but it’s the first I’m seeing a Beats wireless. I’ll go for this. 

  34. I love Beats headphones/earphones and I was looking for good ones that I could use while working out and this pair looks like it could work for me. But the price range is a little high for me. I will definitely try to save up to be able to get them.

    Have you tried it on the treadmill? I have gone through about 3 or 4 different earphones already (not Beats) that I heard were good but that slipped out of my ear every few minutes, I have to adjust them or push them back into my ears, which get annoying.

    Please let me know whether these ones actually stay on. I am looking forward to your response. Thanks

    1. Thank you for taking the time and commenting on this post. As I said in the review, the hooks that is attached to the earphones keeps the earphones in your ears regardless of you running, jogging or in treadmill. so far it has never slipped out unless I have touched it.

      Hope this helps. Have a nice day!

  35. This is a very helpful review. I have been thinking about getting some wireless earbuds but not sure what to look for. I like the idea of bluetooth connectivity and the light weightness of earbuds vs headphones, but I have issues using earbuds as most of them seem to hurt my ears. How have you found these for comfort? 

    1. Thanks for the comment Monika. I have used them and trust me these are really light-weighted so, you won’t even be feeling like wearing them after some time. Personally I haven’t experienced any issue with the comfort.

  36. Hi Sujandar, 

    Thanks for the thorough review, I’ve been looking for a pair of wireless headphones for when I’m working out or running.  It sounds like the Powerbeats 3 pair might be the best fit for me.  I’ve found the ear buds that fit into the ear like that tend to get dirty with dead skin cells and dust, is there a way to clean the earbuds on these or at least replace the silicone pieces that go into the ear?

    1. Thank you for your comment Kris M. These are made up of silicon rubber so mostly you can just wash it out or you an always buy a new pair in Amazon.

  37. Thank you for your very comprehensive review of the Powerbeats 3. While I am typically a sound purist, I can appreciate situations where these headphones would be useful. I found your review to be very thorough, which I appreciate. Now I don’t have to go to several different websites to get a perspective on whether or not these are right for me.

    Thanks again.

  38. I really need to get a pair of wireless earbbuds, these sound perfect for me. I have had a pair that fit over the ear the way these do and they were great, I really liked those ones, but they were not wireless like these ones. I would like to be able to listen to my music without having to worry about wires getting in the way especially if I am busy doing something, I don’t want to have to worry that the wire will catch on something. Do these stay in your ear well while moving around and doing things? I always worry about the possibility of them falling out. It is annoying when I am listening to something and I move to go do something and the earbud falls out.

    1. Thanks for your comment Andy. 

      The plastic construction feels solid and the adjustable ear hooks helps keep the earphones in your ears during running, weightlifting or any kind of vigorous movements you can name.

  39. What I do like about these earphones is, firstly, that they are equipped to shield the microphone from wind when you make a call on your mobile phone, and secondly they filter out background noise.  These are two plus factors in my opinion because you want to make a quality call when phoning someone and if you make lots of calls, they need to be clear, concise and audible.Most impressive seems to be the effect of moving sound around from left to right and front to back – that must prove to be quite an experience and almost lifelike!My attention was caught when you mentioned that the battery life was extended by about 1 hour when only charged for 5 minutes.  This is huge when you are about to make an important phone call and need to have it charged and ready to go in a short space of time. Quite an amazing feature!Thank you for providing informative stats for us on this particular brand of earphones.Edu

  40. When it comes to headphones, I think Bluetooth headphones are the best and one thing that I like about them is the fact that they are wireless. Most of them have quality sounds especially those that are a bit pricey. The Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones seems to meet my criteria for a good wireless headphone. I am an Apple user so I guess I would benefit more from the features of the wireless headphone.

  41. Sujandar, 

    Thank you for your review of the Powerbeats 3 Wireless headphones.  I really appreciate you mentioning the ability to sync the bluetooth with Apple phones.  As an Android user, I find that there is fewer manufacturers willing to appreciate the large numbers of people who have non-Apple phones.  

    I have another friend who is a radio professional and who knows his headphones.  His opinion is that all beats headphones are not that good in sound quality.  They just beef up the bass.  I don’t have that sensitive an ear.  I just test out headphones to see which sounds the best to my ear.

    Thanks for your review.


  42. Thanks for reviewing this one. I am currently searching a gift for my friend, who actively hitting gym for fitness. I Wireless headphone sounds handy, and after checking this is suitable for my gift budget.

    Do you how many hours it can last without being charged? Thank you for your information

  43. Hello Sujandar

    Thanks so much for sharing this about Earphones.I`m a jogger in the weekends when I can run a bit longer and a roadrunner in the week when I run in the evenings.

    Now I do like using earphones when jogging or running and my old ones have just done their work and one side is working like it should. So while looking for new and affordable earphones, my search landed me on your site.I have not heard of power beats 3 headphones but maybe it`s because I`ve not bought an earphone for over 2 years.

    You mention in your post that they could have made the fit better, are they not adjustable? because when out running or jogging, I don’t want to worry of my earphone falling off.

    Thanks for sharing, really appreciate.

    1. I appreciate you for taking your time and commenting on my post Roamy. They are adjustable but for the price I thought they could have made the fit better. Personally for me I haven’t faced any issues with the fit, it has always stayed in my ears even while I’m working out. So, I think they will stay in your ears while your running or jogging. 

  44. Thanks Sujandar for your review! it’s very clear and useful! For those who need headphones and above all for running this kind of device is irreplaceable. Having good music in the ear while running or doing gym make gym more comfortable and if the earphones we use have a great quality we appreciate it even more! To know new brands and high quality stuff like the ones you speak about is a great help! Thanks!

  45. Thanks for the review.When you say “The high boosted bass and the sculpted high are not for anyone who is looking for an accurate sound signature” what exactly do you mean? Is it prone to distortion at all?How comfortable are these? I am a runner and comfort is so important and I sweat a great deal

    1. Thank you for your comment. It has high boosted base which you might not deliver accurate sound while you are listening to the music.  No they are not prone to distortion. 

      Solo3 are less soft and more firm than an average headphone. I suggest Solo3 if you wear glasses because it gives better comfort for glass wearers than other earphones. The headphones seem to spread the pressure over your ears much more evenly than most.

      They use headband padding instead of foam. It is used to increase friction, to prevent them from sliding of from your head. I used them while working out and running they stilled same in the position I set them.

  46. This is another interesting headphone device. My primary criteria for the headphone choice are about sound quality and battery life, which may beat other downsides. This one is likely fit to my criteria. I also found the price in Amazon is different in each supplier. I will explore further. Thanks for the product review.

  47. Hi there Great review. It was very helpful. I was looking for some good reliable wireless headphones for my son. He is an apple person and I know this powerbeats headphones will make his day. Thank you very much for sharing this article I know it will help many others just like me.

  48. Good overview of Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones.  Appreciate to know that the ear plugs can irritate the ear canal.  Good to know it has a Apple W1 chip and it’s Bluetooth Wireless..

    Also good to know about the 12 hour battery life and that they are sweat resistant.

    Good soiund quality a nd good wireless range. Really like the battery life.  Thanks for this review.   

  49. Hi Sujandar,

    Awesome review, I really enjoyed the reading!

    I had several headphones, but they all broke after wearing them for a while. Apparently, it was low-quality material. Now I am looking for a new one, and those on the list seem very well made. I will take a look further on Amazon. I have bookmarked your website so I can show it to my husband.

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

  50. Man…I wish I would have had this review around Christmas. We bought my daughter a pair of wireless Bose earphones for Christmas. She connects them to Apple products. And it would have been nice to know that the Beats headphones have an Apple chip.  I will definitely check your reviews ou the next time I am shopping for headphones.

  51. I’ve been looking for some wireless earbuds to use with my mp3 when I’m running every morning, but most seem to suffer from overall sound quality, which is not the case here. 

    One problem I have is headphones not lasting so long due to the weather I run in. How do these stand up to the elements? I live in Wales so I usually have to run in the rain?

    1. Thank you for the comment Chris. These hold up well enough in rainy conditions so, I think you are in the right place. 

  52. Hi SUJANDAR,

    This is a great product review with all necessary information about “Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones”. I have read whole review and pros and cons section of this product. I understood that this is a very good quality product for anyone who love to hear sound in different bass and bits. I love it’s long time battery life and going to share it with others also. Thanks for sharing this excellent review.

  53. Hello,

    Sounds like this Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones will be great. Not only the design is captivating but the features in the review are quite impressive plus the price is not exuberant. I will visit the Amazon link to get one for myself. Thanks for providing this post, I was still searching for a headphone with nearly all these features plus this will my first time trying Beats.

    Have a nice day

  54. This is the second time am stumbling on your blog and I really appreciate all the useful contents and reviews you always post here. I like that the battery life can last up to 12 good hours, that means it requires just two full charge in a single day, I think this will be more useful for me because I do go on early morning jog everyday and I seriously need an earphone that can Clip so well to the ear and resist some sweat. Can you please tell me more about the price? 

    1. Thank you for the comment Clement. There is a link in the article where it says “Check Latest Price Now” , if you click that it will display the latest price. There is also another link at the bottom of this article.

  55. Thanks for the review. I have been eyeing wireless headphones for a while and was really unsure what to do. It’s good to know that they are more Apple friendly. I use an iPhone but my husband uses a Galaxy and he sometimes likes to borrow my earphones. How do these compare to the Apple Airpods?

    1. Hi Hollie,

      With the Apple AirPods you have 5 hours of battery life in the earbuds and the charging case has 5 charges. With the Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones you will have 12 hours of battery life in one charge. So if you are person who doesn’t want to be charging your earbuds frequently then I would go with the Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones.

      Apple AirPods are truly wireless which means they don’t have any wires to connect the earbuds unlikely Powerbeats 3 does have wires to connect their two earbuds.

      Apple AirPods has a upper hand in the wireless features and Powerbeats 3 has upper hand in the physical features. I hope this helps.

  56. I am always on the lookout for good headphones I can use for running, and these Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones seem pretty good! 

    I love the fact that they’re wireless because i have a cat who LOVES to chew my headphone wires. Do you know how many times I’ve had to replace those things? lol I’m finally smartening up and going for wireless headphones. 

    I also like that these kind of hook onto your ears so they won’t fall off when running. I love the quick-charge feature! I seem to be one of those people who forgets to charge things. Then when I go to use them, ooops! It’s dead. So that is certainly a nice feature. 

    I like that they have good bass too. I don’t really care if the sound is perfect, but I love a good bass. I’ll definitely have to check these guys out. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Hi Christina,

      That was probably frustrating for you when your cat was chewing on your headphones and destroying them. Looks like you came to the right place.

      I’m glad that you like the features of these Headphones. Please do check them out. Peace!

  57. I like the design of these Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones. The over the ear concept is one that is less disturbing to me when it comes to using headphones. Performance is also important for me, and these come with lots of recommendations from users in that regard.

    Cost was not mentioned in your review, and that does not matter to me or many others I think. I would rather pay a little more and get quality. That these are designed to work with Apple phones but do work with Android as well is a positive selling point for me.

    The battery life is also a strong selling point for me. I cannot say how often this has been an issue for me. Being underway a lot, I need something that has staying power. These Powerbeats 3 pass that test as well. Lastly, the power boost sculpted sound is what I am looking for.

    Bottom line is that your review has provided me with all the verification I need to pick these headphones up. Thanks for a detailed thorough post to help me make my purchase decision for these wireless headphones!

    1. Hi Dave,

      I have left links along the article, which will take you to the updated price of the headphones. The reason I don’t leave the price is because they always change. I just didn’t want to give the wrong information about the price.

      I’m glad that my review helped you to make your purchase decision. Thank you for your comment.

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