Powerbeats 2 – Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Welcome, this is Sujandar from Premium Earphones. What I have is a full review of the Powerbeats 2 – Wireless In–Ear Bluetooth Headphone.

Quick Features

  • You can pair and play eith your bluetooth device upto 30 foot range.
  • It has Dual – driver acoustic power music for each of their ear bud which delivers great listening experience with a customized lightweight and flexible earhook, for a comfortable and secured fit.
  • Battery can last for six hours
  • Fast charging available – 15 mins for 1 hour playback

What’s included in the box?

Powerbeats 2 comes with a hard shell carrying case, a universal micro USB cable, four pairs of ear tips and a QuickStart guide. These are the second versions of the Powerbeats. The only thing carried over from the last versions is the style.

Now to elaborate a little bit more in the accessories you have this black and red micro USB cable use for charging. They also come with the three-extra pair of silicon ear tips on top of the ear tips which is already in the earbuds. So, total you will have four pairs of ear tips and hopefully one of these pairs fits your ears comfortably.

Powerbeats 2 also comes equipped with the small but very usable hard shield carrying case in which you will be able to fit all your accessories. That is great because instead of caryying the ear tips,USB cable and everything else separately, you can just use this hard shield carrying case to have all the accessories for your Powerbeats 2 – Wirelss In-Ear Bluetoth Headphone. And also you will be saving money because now you don’t have to buy a case for your headphone and it’s accessories.


The design is completely different this time around with the Powerbeats 2. These are now wireless via Bluetooth and now requires charging. These are also IPX4 certified, which means they are sweat and water resistant, not to get confused with waterproof or any other resistant.

These are quite a bit different from the previous versions which looked quite a bit sleeker in my opinion. The front is nice and simple. There’s a big beats logo on it and there is a housing which is made up of plastic which is the hook that goes around your ear. The hooks on both the earbuds are nice, soft and rubbery. It is very bendable and flexible. So, to be that the perfect comfortable fit, you can rotate it perfectly around your ear.

On the bottom of your left earphone you will have your micro USB port used for charging. On the top of the left earphone you will have a multi-purpose button, which is used to pair your Bluetooth earphone and it’s also used for powering the device ON and OFF.

If we go a little bit farther down the cord you will have your mic controls which are quite a bit different from the last versions of Powerbeats. The control designs are pretty much the same that all the new Beats headphones use these days.

You will be able to take calls, decrease and increase the volume for Apple Products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, Android products, Windows products and Blackberry products. You will also will be able to do voice commands for Apple devices. You can do all those things as well and you also have track controls.

This is a flat design cord which means it’s tangle free, so you don’t have to worry about cable management. If we go a little bit further down, we have our cable adjuster to make the cables as tight or as loose as you want them

LED Indicator

Next to the power ON and OFF button you will have an LED indicator light. If the LED indicator is white, it means it’s normal with adequate charge. If the LED indicator is red that means you have less than one hour of playback. If the LED indicator is blinking red, it means you have less than 15 minutes of playback.


Pairing these earphones to a device is very simple. You should just simply hold down the power button for four seconds, make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON on your device that you’re pairing it to. Then simply search for the Powerbeats Wireless, tap it and it will connect right away.


I am really convinced with the sound in these earphones. I’m happy to report that these are great sounding earphones despite being Bluetooth which in some cases can take away the sound quality.

I found these to be a little more balanced than the last year’s versions of the Powerbeats. They sounded full and heavy but not too overpowering which shows you that they’re trying to tone that down just a little bit and get their earphones more of a balanced feel.

That shows a lot especially throughout the mid-range when listening to the vocals they sound nice, clear and crisp even when listening at high volumes.

They’re never really drowned out by the bass but overall, I find that these earphones sound at their best when being played at 80 percent volume capacity or less, but these are very loud earphones so 80 % capacity is loud.

One of the advantages of these earphones are that they are adequately blocking out outside noise. In my opinion I think that these blocks out just enough sound to be on a safe side. If you’re going to use this for outside activities such as biking and running I think these are the best because you don’t want complete sound isolation as you will always want to have some sound let in, so that you can be aware of your environment and things like cars and animals.


Now let’s look over the Battery life. I found that these have a great battery life which isn’t always the case with Bluetooth earphones. Powerbeats 2 takes 15 minutes of charge time to receive an hour of battery life and it takes an hour and a half of charge time to receive six hours of battery life.
Those battery life time is very dependent on how low or how high you set your volume at. In some cases, they lasted a little bit longer than six hours and, in some cases, they last a little bit less but no dramatic battery life difference.


To conclude, I think the Powerbeats 2 is adequate at doing an excellent job on all departments. I had 100% turned up and they do leave sound outside just a little bit to be on the safe side. I would say 70 percent or lower it’s kind of a great spot for you to not leak sound.

These are designed just for you and your active lifestyle. They are designed to fit in the ear for a much deeper and better sounding experience also these earbuds stay in your ear with the hooks wrapped around your ears pretty good. From my experience on wearing them, they are light weighted earphones and they feel like they weren’t even there weighing in at just 24 grams.

So that’s my review on the Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphone. If you have any questions or comments let me know below in the comment section. I will reply as fast as I can. Cheers!!!

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  1. I want to say that this review is very helpful and informative. I did not hear about this brand but I can see that it is definitely worth the price. What is most important to me is battery life. 15 minutes charging for an hour is pretty good as I have some low-quality earbuds who are empty even after 20 minutes of usage. The design is so powerful and I will definitely order one pair for me.

  2. This post really came at the right time because I have been searching for an headphone to purchase online. The features of this product is really convincing and the fact that it is wireless and it is bluetooth headphone really triggered my interest for it. The battery, the sound, I’m in love with this product. It is a must for me to purchase

  3. Those are some decent-looking earbuds… 

    According to your opinion are they high-quality? I have some previous bad experience with beats earbuds. They had very low-quality sound and they stopped working not so long after I bought them.

    Also, do you know if I can use them to convert speech to text on my laptop?

    Thank you in advance for your replies,


    1. Thanks for your comment Xaric. I’m sorry to hear about you last experience with Beats but so far I haven’t experienced any issues with these Powerbeats 2.  I’m also certain that you can use this headphone for converting speech to text on your laptop or any other devices.

  4. The Powerbeats 2 – Wireless In–Ear Bluetooth Headphone does really sound a great product.

    As I have an iPhone, I really like that the headphone is receptive to voice commands from Apple devices, as well as being able to deal with calls.

    I also like that they do not block out all outside sounds – that really is a necessary safety feature, don’t you think? And the fact that they can easily pair with bluetooth without compromising the sound quality.

    Do you find that 6 hours between charging is sufficient?

    I think that you have virtually sold me on this product.

    Very many thanks for your review.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. I appreciate your comment Chrissie Spurgeon. Yes I think not blocking the outside sounds entirely is a good and necessary safety feature.

      For me six hours is more than enough. I barely listen to it for six hours straight. But if you are looking for something with more battery life you can check it out here https://premiumearphones.com/p

  5. These earbuds is having a great and exquisite design with top notch features. I really love the design and the looks of these earbuds. Thanks for your great review and article, I think I will save up some cash to purchase this one.

    your article is quite comprehensive, I’ll keep coming to check out for other earphones reviews. Thanks

  6. This is a brilliant review! I think it is a great design as usual but I really like the ear hooks because usually the earbuds just slip out or the wires have to go around your ear which isn’t always comfortable. The fast charging is also great since you don’t want o to be sitting and waiting for hours just for your earphones to charge. The 15 min charge to 1-hour playback ratio is also great.

    The Powerbeats 2 is an absolutely great set of earphones and the design and performance described are perfect for me.

    I can’t wait to get it and test it out for myself!

  7. This article is so clutch. I like to listen to music when I work as an expeditor since i work faster that way. Though regular wired headphones ALWAYS get in the way. I was thinking about bluetooth headphones but didn’t know which ones to go for. The two best things i found in this review is the battery life and quality of sound. Thank you for the info!!!

  8. The features of this very Powerbeats 2-Wireless In ear Bluetooth Headphone is just fantastic. I don’t think I have ever come across such a wireless Bluetooth headphones with amazing features of powerbeats 2 wireless headphones before.

    I’m someone who loves good sound so much and will be happy to get this power beats 2 headphones as soon as I realize some money. I love the flexibility and rotating features of the earpiece as well. The LED indicator, The paring sound and playing Bluetooth up to 30 footh range. Hmm wow,, battery lasting up to 60hrs .I can’t wait to buy this ear phone.

    1. Thank you for your comment Kenechi. The battery actually only lasts up to 6 hours not 60 hours. Anyways I hope you like these headphones.

  9. Thanks for the review on Powerbeats 2!  I’m always on the lookout for good bluetooth earbuds– especially with the earhook. I don’t know why, but earbuds without those just don’t stay in my ears, and I’m always using them while I’m out walking, working in the yard, or working with power tools in my shop. There’s nothing worse than having one earbud drop out of my ear while my hands are full. Six hours of battery life sounds pretty good, too, although I usually have them turned up and won’t get quite as long out of them as that. 

  10. Than you for always providing up to date ear buds review. This is the third time I will stumble on your post and I find every content I read very informative. I like the powerboats 2 design and it uniqueness. Can it be use for transcription? If yes, then I can’t wait to purchase mine. 

  11. Hello Sujandar, very good and informative article about earphones. Powerbeats 2 seems very good product, the battery lasts for quite long time, the sound should be very good and I also like the design of those earphones. As very practical I found the fact that you don`t have to buy a case for it. Good review, thanks for sharing with us!

  12. I like that these come with a carrying case. I hate having to dig everything out of my pocket and untangling stuff. You talked about comfort. I usually have difficulty with earbuds hurting after awhile. You did mention that they can be moved around for comfort.Good to know they are balancing out the sound better. I wan’t a fan of too heavy bass before.Thanks for another good review!-J

  13. Very interesting review. One thing that stood out to me is the multiple sizes of ear tips. I have always struggled to find headphones of any kind that don’t hurt my ears, so this would be extremely helpful for me.

    One question I had though is about the wireless part. You say they are Bluetooth, right? What is the wire that hangs down from them for? Does that simply just connect the two ear buds together?

    1. Thank you for your comment Angie. Yes they are Bluetooth and the wires are to connect the two earbuds together. And it has the inline controls in them.

  14. I’ve been interested in Bluetooth earphones since before they came out, but I’m looking for some that feature noise cancelling technology.

    I really like your review of these beats earphone so I’m wondering if Beats has a similar model that also features noise cancelling technology. Sometimes safety isn’t a factor. Especially if all you want to do is drown out someone’s snoring.

  15. Hello; I think that your review of the article is helpful, especially to persons like me who never knew about the Power-beat 2 before. With your information, I can now make a buy on one of these ear Phones. 

    I noticed that you went all the way to tell of what is in the box Describing their use. The images you have displayed are of paramount importance in the description that you have given. No one should mistake them for something else.


  16. Well, it sounds like these are definitely winners.  I like Bluetooth, just for the ease of using them and not always having to be connected by a wire.  I realize a lot of times the sound is compromised, for sure, but it sounds like you were pretty happy with the sound quality of these. The 80% volume idea works fine for me.  I am certainly not one to blare my music or whatever I’m listening to.  I treasure my hearing too much for that.  Great review, thanks.  Sound (no pun intended) great!

  17. How timely for me to come across your article on these Powerbeat 2 headphones. I had a pair of bluetooth earbuds but they weren’t very good quality and have now completely failed me so was just thinking I need a new pair and viola here they are. It looks like the design will work great to use with my self hypnosis sessions that I listen to in bed before going to sleep. Thanks for this great info Sujandar. All the best!

  18. This review was really helpful, just in time for a purchase that’s worth the money ! What got me the most was its amazing battery life, being a student it’s hard to get around to charging devices every few minutes so this sounds great ! Thanks Sujandar

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