Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Product Name: Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

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The Best Place To Buy:Amazon

Warranty: 2 Years for $16.99

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Hey everyone, this is Sujandar here. How is everyone today? Bose released their SoundSport Wireless Earphones geared towards the fitness fans out there. Now they come in two colors aqua and then there’s that all black model. I did personally pay for this at the retail price of one hundred and eighty dollars making these slightly cheaper than some premium models out there, but we’ll see how these go through.

As always, I’ll place my links throughout the review, so you can click on my links and they will give you the most updated prices in real time. So, without any further due let’s get into the review.


I’m here to help you make a purchase decision. Welcome everyone to another review going over the physical features. Going into comfort, both earbuds are super soft ear tips called stay here plus. Three ear tips are included from small medium to large and of course the fit will be subjective as everyone’s ears are a little different here but for the most part, they stayed in my ears well. But not the perfect skier hold that I was looking for the stay here ear tips.

They’re not snug inside that ear canal but it rests on the opening you can still hear your environments which is ideal for cyclists or runners to ensure that you may hear someone coming up on you or maybe here traffic around you. They are very comfortable however during vigorous activities at least for my ears again the top ear wing would pop out sometimes and the earphones would not fall out though, but I would periodically have to push that top ear wing.

These Sound Sports do very well not carrying any noise into the earphones when the music is playing. You don’t hear the wires bouncing around at all.


First, I do admit these are a bit bigger than what I anticipated but of course looks are subjective. Although there’s audio ports exposed Bose claims these are to be water and sweat resistant and for my testing, I sprung water all over these and the Bose sound sports still works perfectly fine.

Now looking at the right earphone there’s your power button up top. There are LEDs to indicate when this is fully charged or almost dead regarding battery life and a Bluetooth connection indicator. On the bottom there is a micro USB port for charging the sound sports and Bose is claiming up to six hours of use which is somewhat in the mid-range when you’re comparing with other earphones on the market.

At 50% volume I was able to get seven hours and four minutes’ worth of use. Now moving on with the physical bill the left ear bud doesn’t have any physical buttons or features but moving down the cord it’s thick and feels very durable while still being very flexible. Tossing these into my bag without the included case they never tangled or under abuse. They held up well.

There is an inline controller with volume up and down with a pause play and song skipping feature and this does work for both Apple and Android devices. The only thing though the buttons are very firm compared to any other earphones. I’ve also tested while pressing the buttons, you do feel the buttons slide from side to side from time to time which was a bit unusual at first, it’s not a deal-breaker but I do admit you to get used to it after your first use or two. Something I wanted to point out is the inline controller. It does come with NFC or near field communication built-in which is very handy tap to your NFC compatible phone.

The earphones pairs with your device automatically and you can use this as a headset for phone calls and testing this with my several friends my voice was very clear. It does pick up some background noise though but at least my voice didn’t sound far away or distorted. It performs well.

Sound Quality

Something to investigate when you are looking for earphones in general is the sound. Regarding sound quality in Bose’s fashion here they still provide a very nice clean audio signature. It’s not loud or brash but a sound signature that is very easy to listen to even at loud violence. You won’t have hearing fatigue after you’re done using them.

Now Bose is claiming to have a dynamic volume optimized equalizer, so the sound characteristics would change as you adjust vine up and down. I didn’t notice much of a change but it all happens behind the scenes. In general, here base is punchy fast and accurate. It’s not a deep sub bass, it doesn’t Rumble like the powerbeats2 or have a bass booster signature like the j-bird products.

If you prefer that more accurate and cleaner audio signature, the Bose performs good in that aspect regarding the mids. It is clear accurate once again it isn’t bright at all nor is it recessed or boxy it really performs right in the middle of the audio spectrum feeling unaltered, but the highs are distortion free and turn this up at much higher violence there’s no ting or ear ringing.

I do admit though the top-end doesn’t sound as detailed though as I would have hoped. Regarding sound stage there isn’t much there, but I have noticed though most sport earphones I’ve reviewed so far, they don’t provide much of a sound stage anyways the only brand that does provide a very expansive experience has been j-bird. Regarding wireless range these works perfectly walked from one side of the house to the other and downstairs as well the signal never broke or degraded when going through several walls and the first-floor ceiling.

Bose introduced their own app when they released the Bose qc25 headphones and a sound sport. It works with the same app just like the QC 35s. There’s a battery level indicator volume adjustment, if you go into settings you can adjust the power down time period when the earphones are not in use turn on or off the voice prompts and manage your parrot devices. Other than that, there’s no audio profiles. There’s no app equalizer or a music player built-in.


That’s everything on the new Bose SoundSport Wireless. I really do like them and the audio signature is very clean. The fit was good but not the greatest to me. However, they were comfortable again. Check out my links for the updated prices.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.





Turtle Beach PS4 – Stealth 600 Wireless

Product Name: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless

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Recommended place to buy: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

Hi guys welcome back to Premium Earphones. So today we’re going to be looking at the Turtle Beach stealth 600. This review is going to be about the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless which is released by Turtle Beach.

It is a wireless headset and it is priced under $120. This model works with the PS4 and for your PC. They also make an Xbox one model and I’m going to assume that they both sound and they work the same, but this review I’m going to be gearing towards the PlayStation model.


So, first things first we’re going to jump right into the accessories because normally with accessories it’s minimal and in this headset, you don’t get a wired option. So, you just get the wireless USB dongle and plug it straight into your PS4. It does not take the optical cable to connect with your device this time.

All you got to do is just plug it straight in and then you get the micro USB to USB charger for your headset itself.


The headset gets about 15 hours of battery life which is impressive for this headset but unlike other headsets in the past you’re not going to be able to use this one with your mobile devices because it’s just PC and just your console. The cool thing about This is they weigh nothing but even though they weigh nothing you have very thick soft padding at the top the ear cups. They are extremely soft. These are the same ones that were on the stealth 400 wireless model that came out years ago. I would say that this is the one that’s here to replace those on the edge.

They have the microphone, now the microphone is non-removable but the way that it folds back and these sticks up far and there’s a huge gap here and the reason for this is VR. You know companies are now designing their products to be able to work with VR. The microphone once you push it down it turns on and once you get it all the way back to it’s place it will you’ll hear a beeping noise and it will mute the microphone.

After doing some testing with the mic I can say that it keeps me from screaming and it gives me better awareness of things that are going on. So, lets say if somebody comes up to me and starts to talk to me while I’m playing, the mic will pick it up and I’ll be able to hear what’s going on around me. The overall mic quality I think sounds good for a wireless headset that’s under a hundred and twenty dollars.

I found that most wireless headsets seem to lack in mic quality and Turtle Beach designed this so the microphone sticks back far which keeps you from hearing the weird sound. So, it’s not right in front of your mouth which also keeps from hearing a lot of the esses. If you’re used to gaming, you’ll hear this in other people’s microphones but overall for this price a wireless headset it’s hard to top the mic.


On the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless you will have your volume control for the game and audio on the top and then your mic control on the bottom. I think that for some reason the volume on these could be a lot louder. I will get into the sound overall and what it all sounds like but the volume I just felt like could be some notches louder and maybe it’s just me maybe it’ll be fun for just you, but I need to point that out.

You also have the Turtle Beach logo is right across the top branding. It is minimal, and I mean you will see the little Turtle Beach logo on each side but it’s not obnoxious and again you will also have it in the ear cups. The adjustments are in the ear cups that go straight up and down that to me is like a unique look. On the middle part of these of the ear pads it’s soft.

Now that’s on your left is for people who have glasses so, that when you’re wearing them it’s so soft that it’s not adding pressure to the side of your head. Controls are simple on your left-hand side which is where your microphone is and that is where your controls are like power button and your mode button. Now both of these to me I felt like if there were actual physical buttons over on the headphone it would have been better because these are kind of hard when you have them on your head to be able to feel which one that you’re hitting.


The modes that you get with the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless have a signature sound mode, they have a bass boost mode and they have a bass and treble boost mode. But if you just have the power button while you’re using it, it will turn it on to super human hearing mode now what that does are that and people that do a lot of online gaming or even people that do like competitive gaming that amps up your mids and your treble so much where you can hear footsteps.

It really is made just to focus on being able to sound whore and hear people in different directions as to where like bass and treble boost mode is more just for like explosions and stuff like that.

So, there are different modes and they do each sound different. They all have their own use I personally like the bass and treble boost mode I left it on that and it sounded great for games and sounded amazing for music. I want to point that out because I listen to music on my PC and just for the sound alone, I’m telling you that for $100 I was surprised. I was surprised at how incredible music sounded. It would have been better if it was louder. It would have been better if I could just turn it up a lot louder and it’s not to say that these aren’t loud I just think you know I at least like to have the option if I want to turn it up to a level to give myself a headache.

I want to point out that in trouble and bass boost mode the treble is boosted enough that vocals sound good a lot of the other sounds in game sound good, but the bass is there to be able to add some excitement some punch into the sound. So the explosions sound like they’re happening right there with you. You will be starting to feel a little more that’s in the game that you don’t with most gaming headsets that have a flat sound signature or the gaming headsets that have bass boosted signatures seem to lack everything else.

So, Turtle Beach has a really good balanced blend so that if you want treble boost you can also boost your bass and then it gives you a more balanced sound but overall comfort these are pretty breathable you can leave them on for long periods of time and it doesn’t get hot it doesn’t get warm.


As you can see overall package was build quality you don’t want anything that’s all plastic and anything especially like this is straight up and down that I think like if you have a bigger head you might want to be a little concerned just be a little careful.

But you are talking about a $120 wireless headset. The battery life is incredible on these sounds although It would have been better if volume was louder. I felt like it is incredible with games and it is amazing even better with music. Again, it has a virtual surround feel so it gives you good spatial awareness in games which is what you want and for $120 on a wireless set.

It’s going to be hard to top or at least find better alternatives that are wireless. Turtle Beach I think did an incredible job with this. Thank you guys for checking out my quick review of the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset.





Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

Product name: Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

Price: Click here to check the price

Recommended place to buy: Amazon

Warranty: $29.99 for 4 years

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Hey what’s up guys I’m Sujandar here. This is a quick review of the Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset. The super portable Bluetooth wireless earbuds connected by a wire unlike the more expensive Apple Airpods. The X3 is definitely an incremental improvement to the Jaybird X2 which makes sense because it’s not like they are smartphones where there are new features to add every year.


So, these will be very familiar to those who have seen the Jaybird X2 or even the original Jaybird Bluebloods X which is fine because those are also both pretty good.

So first off, the new shape is different and it’s a bit of a new design. If you look at these earbuds, they are a bit smaller in volume than the Jaybird X2 and they are a bit shorter and also a bit lighter which helps with the comfort. The important part of this Earbuds is the back. It is that they are now flat on the back. So, the Jaybird X3 are now what I’ll call hat proof. So, while the other earbuds had a sort of round bulbous back that would stick out of your ears more, these X3 stick out less.

They don’t get caught as easily. So, if you have like a winter hat to put on over the top of your earbuds that works better or if you ride like a motorcycle and it needed to go under a helmet this new design helps a lot with that. Then the shape of the fins as well which I do use are also slightly more curved which helps with the fit. They were already pretty good at not falling out of my ear, but this helps even more and sort of passive seagull that it forms over your ear.

That is extremely good even with the rubber tips that I use but as you can see, they do come with both the rubber tips in different sizes and the comply foam that molds to your ear. You can even get a better seal there. Also, this soft touch plastic finish instead of the glossy ones are really better. Which I’ll recommend buying a matte black. Plus, now there is a little more metal to bolster to build quality.

As an athlete I’ll take any enhancements to the build. I can get there fully sweat and water-resistant again you can beat them up and take them out on a sand take them to the track wherever they can hang. Now they technically have new divers inside the new six-millimeter driver with a more of a cone-shaped cylinder housing.

Sound Quality

Listening to the Jaybird X3 wireless is that it has a slightly wider sound stage like a little better instrument separation which is cool to hear but overall the sound profile from the Jaybird X3’s lows, mids and highs are very similar to their previous model X2. I’m streaming Apple music over Bluetooth audio from my phone to wireless earbuds so, it’s everyday use.


They sound great. So, the one thing that can be considered either an upside or a downside or both is the new controller and the battery. Instead of being built into the earbuds itself now the battery is in the controller. So, you will still get roughly 8 hours of streaming battery life which is on the high end of what you can get out of any wireless earbuds.

New Charging Method

Now the charging method is different here. There is this little cradle thing here with the pins. It works fine. You just must line up the pins and click it into the place and it should start charging. In the ends it’s like a full-size USB so it works pretty much anywhere.

But now the downside here is you can’t forget this little charged cable you got to remember to bring this thing on trips if you lose it you are kind of stranded because you can’t just plug the headphones right into a cable like a normal earbud. So yeah, a bit of a mixed bag here that you now require this little cradle to charge. I guess I consider that as the biggest downside.


Then for What I would consider to be the biggest upside in my opinion of the newJaybird X3 is the price. So, when the Jaybird X2 were first launched they were about $179.99 for most places they are premium but for what you are getting for the price is A plus. So, you might have expected the Jaybird X3 to follow the suit well they don’t. These X3’s are slightly better at $159.99. That is already a great price for an improvement over the headphones that launched for over $180.00 so that’s dope. Thank you Jaybird for that


It is happy to see that jaybird is pricing their products competitively now. I’m not saying these headphones are a hundred percent worth it for everyone but if you often exercise they are a great a value. I have been using the Bose sound sport wireless for running but for $20 less I might just make the switch to these. I hope, this helped if you were thinking of buying the Jaybird X3. If you have any questions or comments let me know below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.





Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones

Product name: Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphone

Price: Click here to check the price

The Best place to buy: Amazon

Warranty: 2 Year for $12.99

Rating: 7.4/10

Hi guys, I’m Sujandar. Today I have an awesome review for you about the Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones. So, let’s roll that inch out and get right into it. It is the company’s first boys isolating in-ear headphones, don’t confuse noise isolating with noise cancellation.


Starting of the design of these headphones, you will see that around the actual earbud itself is a shark head design which is comfortable. It’s made up of a soft silicon material which you can fit it in your ear without an issue, it just pops right in your ears. This design is a lot of like the ear tips on a Jaybird’s X3  Sport Bluetooth headphones if you have seen those headphones, in the respect that they have never come out of my ear.

For the more, Bose has included small, medium and large ear tips to make sure a perfect tip in your ear. These headphones have an inline mic on the side and the traditional volume up and volume down and the play/pause button. These aren’t powered headphones however, what makes the SoundTrue Ultra different from Bose’s other headphones. Also, the tip is designed to fit snugly in the base of your ear canal and block out a lot of ambient noise. Now a lot of people don’t like having ear tips jammed in their ears which is why the SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear headphones have a looser fitting open design that lets some sound in have become so popular.

The key to its fit is the soft silicon state ear tip, which Bose calls stay here ultra for this model. These are not only the most comfortable in-ear noise isolating headphones you can buy it is also the Ultra tips which keep the buds securely in your ears. It’s a great design, and you should be able to wear these headphones for long stretches with little to no discomfort. It also helps that the buds themselves are lightweight, they are plastic which may leave you wondering why they cost a bit expensive but they are made of high-tech plastic if that’s any consolation.

The headphones come in black or white and in two flavors one with the remote that’s designed to be used with the Android phones and another that’s compatible with Apple iOS devices.


The headphone works well for making calls, and you can hear people better in noisy environments. Thanks to the noise isolation. It also comes with a nicely designed compact carrying case. The sounds is very clean  and it has a medium boosted bass.

I didn’t have any problem with the volume level, but some people have complained about it not being high enough. The ultras top bottom is about 10 to 20 percent lower than a lot of in-ear headphones on the market. I believe it is because that on the purpose to keep people from damaging their ears but if your hearing is a little short these may very well not play quite loud enough for you. Anyway, I like the altars a lot for both their comfort and their sound.

They are a little expensive. If you are looking for a clean sounding pair of really comfortable in-eat noise isolating headphones that really stay in your ears, then the Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones should be in your shortlist.

More on Sound

The mic sounds good given you’re in a quieter environment but it’s not that great. I made a comparison using this headphone with my all other headphones and I can conclude that the mic is good for let’s say conference calls or just taking quick call or something like that. The buttons work just as expected but do note that you will need to get the android variant of the headphones if you want to use that on an Android phone and the iPhone variant or the iOS variant if you want to use it on an iPhone.

I think this is a very reasonable price for what you get. Most importantly how these headphones will sound. Bose claims that these headphones come with the Triport technology which is supposed to make natural sounds sound great without boosting any frequencies. The audio is very clean and clear without any type of equalization or boost and the sound is amazing.

The reproduction is phenomenal with almost any type of music. Well the more the closed design these headphones keep all the sound in which Bose used to have problems with when they first implanted the Triport technology almost ten years ago but now it is more developed.


I think that these headphones are a great addition to anyone’s earbud collection. The best think about this headphone to me is their versatility. My friend can be on a conference call on his desk and without any equalization or changes to go for a run within seconds. Basically, they stay in my ears while doing any exercise and sound great in almost any environment.

I think these headphones strike a perfect balance and not only the price range but the actual features that they offer because if I’m on a call or I’m going on a run or I’m just listening to music I don’t always want noise cancellation and I don’t want to worry about batteries and that’s why when someone asks me what headphone should they buy below $150 I’m going to tell them to get the Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones because they’re perfect for the average consumer they come with a Bose name so, I would recommend it for the average consumer to get these headphones if you are looking for some amazing earbuds that will stain your ears and work in almost any occasion.

I really enjoyed reviewing these headphones today and I want you to let me know if you enjoyed this review and what you thought about it if you have any feedback about the review. Thank you so much for reading this review, I hope you gained something from this.





Skullcandy Wireless Headphones – Hesh 3 Wireless

Product name: Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless

The Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Price: Click here to check the price

Warranty: 2 years for $7.99 from Amazon

Rating: 7 out of 10

What’s up guys? I will be reviewing the Skullcandy Hesh 3 wireless headphones. The price point is kind of like an in-between spot it’s not too expensive but it’s not cheap either. So, in this review I’m going to go over all the pros and cons in case you’re interested in picking these headphones. I’ll tell you if it’s worth it.


First of all, the thing that really struck me was just that how simple and plain they are, and I really like that there is no crazy graphics or colors on the headphones. It’s so minimal for a wireless pair of headphones there is only three buttons.

On its backside of the right ear cup of the Hesh 3 Wireless you have your volume up and down rocker it’s embedded in

theses rubber buttons. The middle is like you play, pause, take a call, etc. Underneath that is a micro-USB port for charging it. You also have your 3.5-millimeter headphone jack on the bottom in case you want to use these wired if the battery dies. Then in the front side of the ear cup is also a little inline mic for you know like I said taking calls.

This Skullcandy wireless headphone does expand to fit larger heads. It fits nicely up top. They are just light weights with the ear cups. You have definite ample padding as well as a little of padding on the top of the headband. These are lightweight pair of headphones.

The ear cups swivel 90 degrees along the headband as well and one of the favorite things about these headphones is not only, they can lay flat on a surface or something like around your neck, but they also fold into the headband making these very portable through bringing them with you on the go.


With the sound quality, I want to mention is we do have 40-millimeter drivers here on the Hesh 3 Wireless and like I said just tons of padding on the ear cups. They do a really good job of creating like a suction and isolating and eliminating any background noise around you. These do not have an active noise canceling as some headphones do but they like I said do a good job eliminating the sound and creating a good suction.

Now let’s talk more about the sound quality that’s going to be one of the most important aspects when you’re evaluating which headphones to buy. So, talking about bass, these really shine in the mid loads of that area where you get a nice tight punch all around your music.

I listen to a bunch of things from like electronic, hip-hop stuff like that on Spotify and Apple Music. I tested a variety of songs here and really found the bass shines. Now as far as the mids and trebles are concerned I found these straight away from that flat response and thought most audio files would prefer but again these aren’t made for audio files themselves. I felt like the mids were kind of toned back and overall, I think the whole sound signature here was just tight and punchy throughout. So, with the vocals and stuff, they weren’t overly crystallized. Overall, I think favoring the bass. So, if you’re a bass head, you’re probably going to like these.


Now the next important thing is going to be the battery life and these headphones have a ratio about 22 hours listening. I tested them the whole week that pretty much held up. What really makes me happy is that they have battery quick charge technology where if you just charge these up for five minutes you get ninety minutes of battery life.

So, say you’re walking around campus or something like that you’re going on a car ride and these are dead, well charge them for five minutes and you will have an hour and a half of battery which is good. Like I mentioned earlier they include the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack so, you can also use them if the battery dies.


To recap I would say I love the design of these headphones. It is simple and minimal. It’s very lightweight and comfortable which obviously is going to be a plus to anybody who wants to wear these out getting like a headache or anything. Sound quality I thought was very good considering the price point here.

For cons the Bluetooth technology, I believe is rated for 33 feet. I found that it does have a hard time going that distance when there are walls in between. So, while it works for me no problem around my workplace but when I’m starting to go to different rooms or across the apartments it started to cut out a little, but I mean for this price here it’s hard to complain.

They’re wireless, they look good, they sound good, I’m a fan of them so, minor cons like I mentioned in the end for that price point is not too bad. You look at the competition out there wireless pair of headphones again not a headset I’m a fan of that. I think it’s a pretty solid price. It is available in Black, Navy Blue,Grey and Red. I hope you gained something from this review. If you have, any questions please let me know below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.





Beats Solo 3 Wireless Ear Headphones



Product Name: Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Retail Price: Click here to check the price

Cheapest places to buy:  Amazon

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Black

Beats Solo3 Wireless has a streamlined and bold styling design which suits most of the people. I loved it when I wore it the first time. It looked so elegant. The on-ear cushioned ear cups are easy to adjust. You can customize them for your fit for all day listening comfort. Once I fix the ear cups, they stay the same until the next time I touch them.

The headphone’s fast flowing curves and pivoting ear cups complete this natural fit, designed for optimal comfort and sound delivery. Beats by Dr. Dre is a leading audio brand founded in 2006 by Dr.Dre and jimmy Lovine. Beats has introduced an entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment.

It is one of the best on-ear headphones I have used.


The Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones not just good with the apple devices. I have used it android devices like Samsung Note5, Samsung Note 6, Samsung 9, Google pixel and Oneplus phones. It works in the same quality with the android devices.

The important part is Beats Solo3 comes with 40 hours of battery life. It’s a huge jump from the 12-hour battery life Beats Solo2 Wireless used to have and also has the best of any over headphone’s battery life i have tested so far. Beats Solo3 also has fast fuel option – a 5-minute charge gives you 3 hours of playback.

It uses Micro-USB charging cable for charging.

Software and it’s function

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones comes with the Apple W1 chip. It is one best Bluetooth chip that apple has made so far. This makes the connection between the headphone and the devices so easy. The headphones are ready to go when you are ready to listen. They instantly set up. just like the airpods you just have to hold them near your iPhone and then choose to connect in your iPhone. The same procedure goes to connecting with the apple watch.

The sound is just amazing in Beats Solo3 Wireless. These headphones deliver premium playback with fine-tuned acoustics that maximize clarity, breadth and balance. The comfort-cushion ear cups buffer outside noise for immersive sound so you can experience music the way it was meant to be heard. The bass is so crisp and it is worth for the price.

The Beats Solo3 also comes with integrated on-ear controls, coupled with fial beam-forming mics, allow you to take calls, play music, adjust volume and activate Siri while on the go. These functions are just like the ones integrated on the Airpods except Beats have volume control which Airpods doesn’t have.

Beats Solo3 requires iCloud account and macOS Sierra, iOS 10 or watchOS 3.


Solo3 are less soft and more firm than an average headphone. I suggest Solo3 if you wear glasses because it gives better comfort for glass wearers than other earphones. The headphones seem to spread the pressure over your ears much more evenly than most.

They use headband padding instead of foam. It is used to increase friction, to prevent them from sliding of from your head. I used them while working out and running they stilled same in the position I set them.


Amazon links with colors and prizes.

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Black

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Blue

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Silver

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – White

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Defiant Black-Red

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Gloss Black

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Gold

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Gray

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Matte Silver

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Purple

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Red

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Rose Gold

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Royal Gold

Beats Solo3 Wireless on-Ear Headphones – Ultra Violet


These are stunning and great quality sound, came in perfect condition brand new, amazing packaging. I get compliments on these headphones all the time. They are one of the best headphones I have ever used and it is worth putting this much money in this.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know, I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Anker Soundbuds Review – Soundbuds Slim


Product name: Anker Soundbuds Slim Wireless

Price: Click here to check the price

The Best place to buy: Amazon

Warranty: 2 years ($6)

Overall rating: 8/10

This is a lightweight earphone that is resistant to sweat and rain by the company anker. It is only 15 grams that you barely notice wearing them. Most of the times I don’t feel like I’m wearing it at all. Anker Soundbuds comes in black, blue and red. Their colors have this shiny finish to them which I personally love in this earphone.

Soundbuds Slim has a stronger magnet than most of the earphones. When you are not using the earphones, they can stay around your neck stuck together without sliding off.

It comes with 3 size EarTips and InEar-Hooks which gives a sturdy comfortable hold. It also comes in a black velvet traveling pouch with a magnetic snap lock for secure carrying purpose.

It has a clip attached to the cable which you can attach it to your shirt. This is a good attachment because I was able to listen to music in one ear and not have to worry about it sliding off from around my neck.


The Anker Soundbuds Slim has a high fidelity audio. The sound for me is amazing looking at the price. It has a balanced bass. To be honest, considering the price I am satisfied with the audio quality. The pairing distance is good as expected. It also has noise isolation which cuts out your background noise while making calls to make your voice clear. I had no trouble even when I’m in a noisy surrounding. I was able to hear and reply with a clear audio. My ratings for the sound will be 8.5/10.

Water Resistant

Slim wireless has IPX4 nano coating which ensures resistance against sweat and rain. I dropped it in a bucket of water for testing it. Although it worked completely fine, I wouldn’t recommend trying this. It may not work every time but still it’s good to know about it. So even if you drop it by an accident in water, I think it shouldn’t be a problem.


It has a play time for 7.5 hours in 60% volume which is good for its prize. It has a battery indicator when the battery is low and also a light to indicate it. The charging time is around an hour and a half. It uses a standard USB connection for charging. My rating for the battery is 8.5/10.


Slim has three button remote which enables you to manage more conveniently. You can skip a song, answer a phone call and also control your volume. The charging port is located in the remote area. It also has a light indicator on it.


I really recommend adding warranty when you check it out. The warranty covers for damage from handling such as drops and spills. It includes replacement with no deductibles and it is an easy process to replace a new one or to reimburse your money.

Anker is also meant for their customer service. After I got my wireless slim earphones replaced they kept checking on me now and then. They always ensured my needs were full filed. Just for the customer service I would buy this product. Anker customer service exceeded my expectations. They made the replacement process so simple and hassle free solution. For the customer service I would give a straight 10/10 without even thinking about it.


Anker Soundbuds Slim is overall an amazing deal . It has a good sound and audio quality. It has a good battery life and the bluetooth connectivity is normal. It is water resistant and it comfortably fits in your ears. The customer service is great. It is a good choice to go with this one if you are looking for a wireless earphones under $50.

Leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.




Apple AirPods – WIRELESS

Apple AirpodsProduct name: Apple AirPods

Price: Click here to check the price

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

warranty: 2 years for $29.99

My rating: 9.9 out of 10

Apple AirPods are one of the best wireless Bluetooth Earphones available in the market. It is the true definition of wireless earphones as it lacks wires and cables. The Apple AirPods includes the compatible wireless charging case and the charging cable.

Frequently asked question about the AirPods is that is it going to stay in your ears or not. The AirPods are designed in way that it fits everyone. And even if you’re jogging, working out, jumping or doing any sorts of heavy physical activity it still stays on your ears.

Both the AirPods are labeled R for right and L for left. It’s available in one and only white colour.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Apple AirPods can be connected by a one tap setup. To connect the AirPods to your Apple device, press the small button on your charging case. When you do that the AirPods appears on your Apple device and what all you have to do is press connect. It’s that simple! This is just a one time setup. After connecting your AirPods to your device you can just take them out of the charging case and it connects automatically.

The AirPods has a W1 chip imputed in it which is one of the fastest and smartest chip in the world. The AirPod’s sensor allows it to connect and disconnect automatically.

Apple AirPods can be connected to your phone up to 33 feet or 10 meters.

Apple AirPods not only can be connected and used with an apple device also can be used with android devices. To connect the AirPods to your android device it’s the same process. You press the small button and go to your setting in your android device and connect it. It works with the same efficiency with your android device.


Apple AirPods have double tap feature which allows you to access:

  1. Siri
  2. Play/Pause
  3. Next Track
  4. Previous Track


When the AirPods are connected to your Apple device, you can go to settings > Bluetooth> AirPods and choose the functions you need on each side of your AirPod. AirPod has this sensor which can detect whether the AirPods are in use or not. So let’s say if you were listening to music when you take your AirPods off it automatically pauses the music and plays it back on when you put your AirPods back in your ear.

You might be wondering about the sound. Even thought the device is small, the sound is extraordinary. For such a small device like this to output sound like this is amazing.Airpod

While talking on a call, it detects your voice and it cancels any other unwanted noises and gives a clear sound to the receiver.


Using Siri you can access all the operations. You can increase and decrease your volume by double tapping your AirPod and saying “Hey Siri, increase my volume to 75%”. Also Siri can read your messages and even reply to them, you can make a call, you can ask Siri to okay a specific playlist you like and almost all the functions you normally do in your Apple device.


Apple AirPods can run up to 5 hours. And the charging case can charge the AirPods up to 5+ times making it 24 hours+. Just by charging the AirPods for 15 minutes you will have 3 hours of run time for AirPods.

To check the battery life you can either open your charging case while having your AirPods in them near your device and it will appear on your device or you can ask Siri “Hey Siri how is the battery on my AirPods?.” When the AirPods are about to die it gives a notification through sound up to 3-4 times. That’s when you know you have to charge them. Just 15 minutes of charge needed for 3 hours.

The charging case also supports wireless charging. It takes 1 hour to charge the charging case from empty. You can either plug it in with the AirPods or without the AirPods. When it’s fully charged it detects it and stops charging automatically. The charging case is so small so it’s easy to fit in your pockets and carrying it around.


This is one of the best earphones which is not only WIRELESS also has access to all the operations via Siri using the double tap feature. And also has one of the faster Bluetooth connectivity. The elegant shape and design of these Earphones holds them in their place and never slips off from your ears. It has an awesome battery life and also fast charging.




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