Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

Product name: Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

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Warranty: $29.99 for 4 years

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Hey what’s up guys I’m Sujandar here. This is a quick review of the Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset. The super portable Bluetooth wireless earbuds connected by a wire unlike the more expensive Apple Airpods. The X3 is definitely an incremental improvement to the Jaybird X2 which makes sense because it’s not like they are smartphones where there are new features to add every year.


So, these will be very familiar to those who have seen the Jaybird X2 or even the original Jaybird Bluebloods X which is fine because those are also both pretty good.

So first off, the new shape is different and it’s a bit of a new design. If you look at these earbuds, they are a bit smaller in volume than the Jaybird X2 and they are a bit shorter and also a bit lighter which helps with the comfort. The important part of this Earbuds is the back. It is that they are now flat on the back. So, the Jaybird X3 are now what I’ll call hat proof. So, while the other earbuds had a sort of round bulbous back that would stick out of your ears more, these X3 stick out less.

They don’t get caught as easily. So, if you have like a winter hat to put on over the top of your earbuds that works better or if you ride like a motorcycle and it needed to go under a helmet this new design helps a lot with that. Then the shape of the fins as well which I do use are also slightly more curved which helps with the fit. They were already pretty good at not falling out of my ear, but this helps even more and sort of passive seagull that it forms over your ear.

That is extremely good even with the rubber tips that I use but as you can see, they do come with both the rubber tips in different sizes and the comply foam that molds to your ear. You can even get a better seal there. Also, this soft touch plastic finish instead of the glossy ones are really better. Which I’ll recommend buying a matte black. Plus, now there is a little more metal to bolster to build quality.

As an athlete I’ll take any enhancements to the build. I can get there fully sweat and water-resistant again you can beat them up and take them out on a sand take them to the track wherever they can hang. Now they technically have new divers inside the new six-millimeter driver with a more of a cone-shaped cylinder housing.


Listening to the Jaybird X3 wireless is that it has a slightly wider sound stage like a little better instrument separation which is cool to hear but overall the sound profile from the Jaybird X3’s lows, mids and highs are very similar to their previous model X2. I’m streaming Apple music over Bluetooth audio from my phone to wireless earbuds so, it’s everyday use.

They sound great. So, the one thing that can be considered either an upside or a downside or both is the new controller and the battery. Instead of being built into the earbuds itself now the battery is in the controller. So, you will still get roughly 8 hours of streaming battery life which is on the high end of what you can get out of any wireless earbuds.

New Charging Method

Now the charging method is different here. There is this little cradle thing here with the pins. It works fine. You just must line up the pins and click it into the place and it should start charging. In the ends it’s like a full-size USB so it works pretty much anywhere.

But now the downside here is you can’t forget this little charged cable you got to remember to bring this thing on trips if you lose it you are kind of stranded because you can’t just plug the headphones right into a cable like a normal earbud. So yeah, a bit of a mixed bag here that you now require this little cradle to charge. I guess I consider that as the biggest downside.


Then for What I would consider to be the biggest upside in my opinion of the newJaybird X3 is the price. So, when the Jaybird X2 were first launched they were about $179.99 for most places they are premium but for what you are getting for the price is A plus. So, you might have expected the Jaybird X3 to follow the suit well they don’t. These X3’s are slightly better at $159.99. That is already a great price for an improvement over the headphones that launched for over $180.00 so that’s dope. Thank you Jaybird for that


It is happy to see that jaybird is pricing their products competitively now. I’m not saying these headphones are a hundred percent worth it for everyone but if you often exercise they are a great a value. I have been using the Bose sound sport wireless for running but for $20 less I might just make the switch to these. I hope, this helped if you were thinking of buying the Jaybird X3. If you have any questions or comments let me know below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.





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  1. Thanks for this review. I love the shape of the earbuds, their design is so unique. As for battery life, 8 hours is good enough for me, to last through my commute to and from work. Hmmm, but the charging is slightly off-putting, as I have to always remember to bring it, and it takes up space when travelling. Yes you’re right, this will be the biggest downside. 

    1. The design of these jaybird X3 Sport is my favorite part about these earbuds. Charging the battery might be the downside but also for me 8 hours of battery is not bad at all. Thank you and Good luck.

  2. Great information

    I do not use  head sets at this time but intend to start ramping up my fitness levels, by walking,  jogging, as a regular daily exercise  regime.

    My son runs daily and his head set to me  seems adequate, but these seem fantastic.

    I love the curved fin detail which keeps the ear pieces in place and with confidence,   by the athlete. I am in the market for gifts under the tree!

    Thank you


  3. How often would you expect these headphones to last once you buy them? I keep having to change my headphones every year so I am considering buying something that is more expensive but will last a few years. Would I be able to outlast the four year warranty as far as usage is concerned? If I can get five years of use out of it, that would be awesome.

    1. My friend bought the Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth before I bought it. He is been using it for almost 2.5 years now and it is working perfectly fine.

      To be honest it really matters how you take care of them. So I’m thinking if you take care of them it should be able to last longer. Thank you. 

  4. I think the Jaybird X3 is just what I have been looking for.  My buddy told me that the sound quality is excellent, and that coupled with the 8 hour battery life should make for a great ride to work.  The price is a bit high for my taste, but if the quality is there, so am I.  

    Thank you for this great review, and for showing me the finer side of sound.   Clay

  5. Wow, I absolutely love the look of these. By far the best looking headphones I’ve ever encountered. I also love the fact that they’re sweat and water resistant, which only adds to their coolness and functionality. I do take runs pretty often and rain is something that stop me, therefore, knowing that the headphones can keep is priceless.

    I mean, I guess I just absolutely every little thing about them. The battery life is incredible – something that I really strive to have in wireless headphones. The battery charging method I also do find insane – they are actually what seems to have came up with an awesome and cool looking way to get that done, so that they could save more space for the battery as I imagine having a plug would take up way more space.

    So, in my opinion having to remember to take the “cradle” with you is totally irrelevant as a negative.

    Love the Sparta White color. <3

    Thank you for all the insights, cheers and have a Great One!Matiss

  6. Thank you for the suggestion about this sport bluetooth headset. Nowadays it’s really important to have a good pair of bluetooth headsets. Most people want you to communicate with them most of the time, for example when working out, running errands, or driving your car. All of these can be done easily with a bluetooth headset and it actually is safer that way.

  7. I just recently had my earbuds taken from the gym where I go to.  They ran out of battery, and so I laid them down on my backpack while I showered.  Only to have them missing when I went to retrieve my things 🙁  I am curious if this set is water or sweat resistant?  That is one thing I am looking for in a new pair.  I would like to be able to wear them at the gym during my work out.   

    1. These are not completely Water resistant. I had dropped water on this before still runs perfectly fine. But definitely sweat resistant.

  8. I was very interested to see what you would say about these headphones in your review just because there quite pricey. 

    I am liking that they do not easily fall out of your ear so thats a win! They also seem to be very durable – ideal for a teenage son whom gets through earphone like hot dinners.

    Thanks for this review was very helpful!

  9. Great review on these jaybird earphones.  I like a light set and having to charge them regularly could become a bit of a pain. I suppose if you get into a routine and charge them when you charge your phone then that would work out ok.

    The price point on these are a bit high for me, so I do not think that they would be something that I would purchase, but for runners I think they would work well.

  10. I love headphones and earbuds. I also like both types of wired and bluetooth.

    The Jaybird X3 wireless looks awesome. Love the shape and design! Functionality is important as is the sound quality.

    8 hours of battery life seems pretty good.I like the charging method too. Cool!

    I would consider these for my use although the price is a bit steep but still you get what you pay for.Thanks for an awesome review!

  11. Hi, thanks for posting! I really like the design of the Jaybird X3…beautiful! They also seem pretty resilient and versatile…I like that. I agree, the problem with the charger, CAN be a problem. Speaking from experience, my kids and my wife are always misplacing their rechargers for one or several devices, and end up swapping / borrowing each other’s rechargers. With the Jaybird X3, that would no longer be possible. Yes, its a downside, but then again, not everyone loses or forgets their recharger…in which case, we’re looking at a negligible drawback.

    Thanks, and best wishes,


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