Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones
CNET 4/5
PCMag 4/5
TechRadar 3.5/5
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What’s going on guys, this is Sujandar from Premium Earphones and today we’re going to be looking at the new Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones.

Welcome to my review of the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones. This is the latest addition to the Beats lineup. Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones incorporates an active noise cancellation circuitry, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and it is an over-the-air model.


The front of the box has two headphones in its side view. It is the shadow gray option which is a matte gray finish with gold accents.

The back of the box is where they have listed their quick features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC)
  • ANC Off for Low Power Mode
  • Battery Up to 22 hours ANC On / 40 hours ANC Off
  • Fast Fuel 10 Minute Charge = 3 Hours Play
  • Control Music and Manage Calls
  • Built – In Wireless Microphone

With the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones you will get a few accessories in the box.

  • Hard-shell travel case
  • Carabiner clip
  • 3.5-millimeter audio cable
  • Micro USB to standard USB cable

The Hard-shell travel case is an advantage because it is a good protection for your headphones and you don’t have to buy a case separately. With your carabiner clip you can attach it to a backpack or anywhere you want. I’m glad that they have included a 3.5-millimeter audio cable. It has an inline remote, so you will be able to control your music and you can do that right from the cable.

The biggest disadvantages here is the fact that you cannot use the headphones powered completely off with the audio cable. That’s honestly one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to these Bluetooth headphones. I feel like they should all work without the power in case you just want to use them as a regular headphone. You will also have your little folder inside the box which houses the QuickStart guide manual and warranty information as well as a sticker.

You also get a second cable which will be the micro USB to standard USB cable to charge the headphones as well as plug the headphones to a Computer and allow a firmware update. If you are using an iOS device, thankfully due to the W1 chip you can just update the firmware of the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones automatically through the actual operating system in your iOS device. However, for Android users you will have to plug this headphone into your computers and then upgrade the firmware through the Beats updater app.


I like the look of the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones. It’s got a nice form factor. It is an over ear design so, it completely covers your ears. These are also foldable so if you want to tuck this away into a backpack or something you have that option available. The stitching of the studio’s ear cushions is supposed to be a bit softer but honestly it has always been comfortable so, I can’t say I noticed much of a change there. This time they came out with a bunch of new colors you’ve got your matte black, white, blue, red, as well as some special edition colors called porcelain rose and shadow gray.

The Beats Studio 3 is identical to its predecessor in terms of the build quality. They have redesigned the speaker, the amplifier, the digital-to-analog converter, the active noise cancellation and with the ear cups which has gotten a little bit softer than the ear cups in the Beats Studio 2. They have improved the acoustic ceiling to help benefit the new active noise cancellation circuitry. In terms of the design I do love the way these looks. I’ve always liked the way the new Beats Studios look, they are very sleek especially when you put them on your head. They don’t protrude away from your ears so, there’s a very nice sleek and contoured shape on your head. I do like that the color scheme here is very subdued and it’s a very nice subtle understated matte gray with very small gold glossy accents.

If you always keep these headphones in its case when you’re not using it and you take good care of them I don’t see how you can crack the headband. This is also synthetic leather and synthetic leather at the underside of the headband


Since this is the newest version I know you’re wondering what is the difference and what has been added. The biggest change that you’re going to be seeing here is the inclusion of Apple’s W1 chip and there are a lot of bonuses that comes with that chip.

My favorite one is the proximity pairing which allows you to pair the headphones to a device that’s running iOS 10 or later by simply turning it on and having it next to the device. This makes for a super simple pairing process and honestly you will get it done with just the press of a button which is awesome. Once you’ve got it paired to your device you can use it with all your Apple devices if you’re connected with your iCloud account.

You can jump from having an iPhone connected to your Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones to your MacBook Pro or to your iPad. You can jump between all those different devices without even having to separately pair them all.

Another bonus with the W1 chip is that you get increased battery life now. You get 22 hours with the pure adaptive noise-canceling ON and with the Pure adaptive noise-canceling OFF you get 40 hours which is good on a pair of Bluetooth headphones. It also features fast charging, so you can charge it for 10 minutes and you will be getting 3 hours of playback.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones has improved their Bluetooth connectivity, so you will be experiencing fewer dropouts and extended range.

On the left ear cup, you will have your play and pause button which is the actual Beats logo and above that you will have your volume up and below it the volume down. Your controls follow as:

  • One tap (play, pause, answer and hang up)
  • Double tap (go forward)
  • Triple tap (go backward)
  • Long press (access Siri)

The W1 chip also allows for a new form of noise canceling that Apple is calling pure adaptive noise canceling and for those of you who aren’t familiar with how noise canceling headphones work here is the explanation.

Typically, the headphones are outfitted with microphones that can listen in to the environment and create a frequency that cancels out that noise, but the studio wireless headphones takes that and kicks it up a notch by doing a continuous scan of the environment and it does that up to about 50,000 times per second which is insane. Not only is it continuously calibrating based on your environment but it’s also taking into consideration the fit on your actual head so things like hair, glasses and all the other factors to give you the best combination of sound quality and noise cancellation.

I had to test this with some of the kings in the game like the Bose QC 35 as well as the Sony MDR 1000x which is the current champion and when I tested this out while listening to music I was very impressed with the Beats Studios 3 because it kept up with both the QC 35 and even the MDR 1000x.


The most important thing about these headphones are their sound quality so, lets get into it. I was listening closely to see how big of a role the bass would play but I was surprised to see things like the vocals really standing out. The instrument separation was apparent, and the bass was present, but it wasn’t crazy, it wasn’t muddy instead it sounded clean and clear.

I enjoyed the sound and something that’s interesting about the Beats Studios 3 is that whether you have the pure adaptive noise canceling ON or OFF you get the exact same sound quality and as I was testing it against other noise canceling headphones like the QC 35 and the 1000x. I found that the sound quality sounded way better than the QC 35. Everything sounded a lot more present and a lot more vibrant to the QC 35


These are great sounding headphones that also look good in style and they feature Apple’s W1 chip that adds on a crazy long battery life. It has an impressive noise canceling feature. I love the convenience these Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones offer.

Also, to mention the fast charging and the extremely long battery life. Overall, it’s a solid pair of headphones. I think that anybody who picks it up will enjoy it.

I hope this review helped and you learned something from this. If you have any questions or comment let me know below I will be glad to reply.

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  1. Thank you for the amazing review ! Super detailed made my life easier! I love the matte effect on the headphones . The only feature I didn’t really like was that it won’t completely work powered out with the audio cable since it’s bluetooth it should be able to do that ! The good part is I won’t have to pair it seperately on my iPhone or iPad ! Definitely going to buy this as a gift for my friend ! Cheers

    1. Thank you for your comment Faiza. Yea I know that is a biggest downside of these headphones. I’m glad to hear that you will be gifting this to your friend. I hope your friend likes it.

  2. This was helpful as I am looking for a wireless headphone and makes me want to get these, but you also mentioned Sony and Bose headphones. I usually only wear my headphones when I am mowing and I really want a good noise cancelling set. Which one would be the best in your opinion?

    1. Hi Nate, thank you for your comment. Other than these headphones I will suggest Bose Sound link or even Bose Quiet Comfort 35. Those are a good set of noise cancelling headphones you can rely on.

  3. Wow. I so much love this new beats 3 design. It’s made to stay firmly on the head and cover the whole ears. And it has this sleek look. I’ll try to get one of it. I’ve always been a fan of beats and they’ve never disappointed me. I’m not surprised at the beauty of the beats 3 though. Thanks. 

  4. I knew nothing at all about head phones before reading this review.Now I have read through the information here, I am blown away by how high tech they have become. I sometimes find it irritating when everyone is walking around plugged into some device. You want to ask someone for directions and nobody can hear you. However I am sure for those using them they drift off into another world of music or learning where they can be immersed in their favorite subject. 

    I thought the fact that they are able to tune into the environment around 50000 times per second was a fascinating piece of technological advancement. At first I thought the price was very high but when you become aware of the technology included I can understand and accept the price. 

    1. I appreciate you for commenting in this post Judy. The pure adaptive noise canceling is a big plus for these headphones. 

  5. Hello Sujandar,

    The perks of the beats studio 3 wireless headphones are it’s long battery life and it’s super fast charge. This means you can charge faster and listen longer.

    However, not being able to use it without power is a little drawback but I think it’s fast charge compensates for this. I really don’t have to worry about the sound, I trust beat studio to deliver quality always.

    Thanks for sharing, very helpful

  6. I like the look of the beats studio 3 wireless headphones especially the red ones. The softer ear cups is a great benefit I’m so used to ear cups that are hard as a rock and it hurts my ears. I think I’m going to purchase a pair of these wireless headphones because of the apple 1 chip they installed in this addition. I’m always switching from device to device and the compatibility with these headphones is a big plus.

  7. Awesome review and it made me want to go out to purchase a pair. I love the info you provided on the technical aspects of them and also what makes them stand out from the previously released ones. I did notice you said they have something like and auto-pair feature which automatically pairs with IOS 10 or later. Personally, that would concern me. Wouldn’t that mean they would pair with any Apple device that meets those standards and not just your personal phone?

    1. Hi Larry, thank you for your comment.
      The pairing only happens with the Apple devices those are connected to the same iCloud account. So which means it won’t connect to any other devices unless it has the same iCloud account as your device.

  8. Great review. I really liked it and you were super thorough in how you presented it. You let us know about the previously released ones and then told us how they differed from the ones they just released. You review was really clear and you went systematically through all aspects of the product and you presented a CTA at the beginning as well as at the end. Great job on it, it made me want to get one now.

  9. These wireless headphones are superb and make music interesting without hassle, it gives the comfort to allow one enjoy songs from gadgets without the need to move them around. But the bane of the headphones still  the inability to use it without powering it to serve as connecting headset.Though the experience is a nice one.

  10. Thank you Sujandar for sharing ¨Beat Studio 3 Wireless Headphones¨ My feeling is that Beats headphones have come a long way from my first audition of them back at the fateful Consumer Electronics Show, and they have done a lot to provide a new stream of profit to Apple, which was already pretty good at making a profit, thank you very much.The wireless Studio 3 is a polite, but slightly too-laid- back headphone with substandard bass. To be honest, I don´t think this will keep people from buying them and/or owning them with pride. They will mate well with sexy new Apple products and that goes a long way. I notice they are sold enthusiastically in places where people buy headphones.

  11. Great review on headphones! The technical detail, the look and feel description are well covered. I have not looked at branded headphones before but this review has given a big reason to look deeper into headphones! The bright red color is also an attention-getter as on a normal basis you see them in dark colors as black or dark brown.Thanks for the share! Indeed it is a very valuable collection of information on headphones!Joe

    1. Thank you for your comment Joe. The colors are eye captivating. It has the shiny finish to it which makes it more presentable.

  12. The last pair of wireless headphones I bought were a complete nightmare with the battery life (hint – Sony), and I was constantly caught out with their power usage. It’s nice to see that these have the W1 chip included so that the battery life is not an issue. 

    How are they overall with frequency response? Is the high end boosted to a natural point?

    1. Thank you for your comment Chris. The W1 chip has boosted all their performances. That is one of the advantages with these headphones. 
      The Beats Studio3 Wireless have a mediocre frequency response consistency. They show about 6dB of deviation both in the bass and treble ranges and are somewhat prone to a drop in bass if the user is wearing glasses.

      The Beats Studio3 Wireless have a good mid-range. Mid-mid and high-mid of virtually flat and within 1dB of our target. Overall, the mid-range is quite well-balanced in the mid and upper regions, but because of the low-mid bump, vocals and lead instruments tend to sound a bit thick on them.

  13. Brilliant distinct made my existence less difficult! i really like the matte impact on the headphones . The only characteristic I didn’t simply like turned into that it gained’t absolutely work powered out with the audio cable since it’s bluetooth it need to be capable of do that ! the coolest component is I gained’t ought to pair it seperately on my iPhone or iPad ! absolutely going to buy this as a gift for my pal ! Cheers

    1. Thank you for your comment Queen. I think that is the biggest disadvantage of these Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones. They should be able work without power because other competitors of these headphones offer that option. Well nothing can be perfect. The Studio 3 has a lot of outstanding features so I think this won’t matter a lot.

  14. Nice Post,Yiu must have put a lot if energy in writing this review and I appreciate that your review seems straight to the point and well detailed. I like the design of the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones and it seems to have a good sound. Do you have any idea about the price? 

    1. Thank you for the comment Clement. There are links throughout the article or you can click where it says Check the price, that will take you to the latest updated price of these headphones. I’m glad you liked the design.

  15. It doesnt get better than Beats head phones.  I am a huge music fan as Im sure many others are.  But for me I actually believe music saved my life.  I am lucky enough to be at a job where I can listen to music all day long.In saying that I really need to have comfortable headphones since they are going to be on my ears and head all day.I have an older pair of Beats so I am going to take a closer look at the Beats Studio 3.Thank you for taking the time to gather the information, write and share a great article with everyone reading.Dale

    1. Thank you for your comment Dale. You will be thrilled to use these headphones. The experiences I got from these Studio 3 are amazing. I haven’t felt that in any other headphones. I hope this review helped.

  16. Hi Sujandar, 

    First off, this is an informative and well-laid out review. Love the way that it comes in a variety of colors and that it is over the ear. Another functionality that is appealing is the blocking out of ambient noise. 

    My only regret is that I recently purchased a Koss over the ear pair of headphones, otherwise I would definitely purchase this model. Alternatively, I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

    All the Best!

  17. If you’re a fan of Apple devices then the Beats Studio 3 is for you. For Android users, who won’t benefit from the boost of the Apple W1 chip, the experience is merely average. Similar money can buy you much better alternatives. I think they are little overpriced. Also, I heard they have pairing issues with Android.

    On another hand, I appreciated the comfortable fit, 20 hours of battery life, quick-charging Fast Fuel technology and strong Bluetooth connectivity. And if you are an Apple user like me, you’ll love the near-seamless pairing experience.

    1. I actually wouldn’t say it delivers an average experience for android users. It gives the exact performance as it does to an Apple user. I have used these headphones with my Samsung S9 and it had no problem with the connection or any other things, 

  18. This review was Indeed an interesting and informative, This beat studio 3 wireless headphone is awesome  I love the fact that it has multiple features, the hard shell travel case is also an advantage to protect the headphone. The designs on this product is exquisite and as far as I’m concerned it’s a must purchase for me. 

  19. Thank you Sujandar for this great review. Besides not being able work powered out with the audio cable, I find the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones awesome and trendy. Beats headsets are my favourite and am glad you have shared this.

  20. I noted that The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones offers improved sound quality, noise canceling and battery life. 40 hours is more than I can ask for.  The design though is not new and I find the holding case bulky. The price tag as usual scares me but thats the tag for quality.

    I am a Bests headphones fan and I am glad they have come up with good wireless noise-canceling headphones that have increased performance.

  21. Thanks for the information.  This will definitely help me in making my purchasing decision. I’ve never owned a pair of blue tooth headphones. I’ve been looking at the Beats Studio 3.  What do you like best about them?

    Do they work well with Android phones also?  Is there a price difference based on the color ordered?

    1. Thank you for the comment Brian. My favorite feature is the Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling. It really helps me block out outside noises.

      It works equally well with all the android devices. When you click “Check The Latest Price” you can find the colors and the prices. There might be like $5 difference between the colors.

  22. These are very powerful peace of art and the good things is at has Soo many great features that can only make user experience  greatest .I love the fact one the long  buttery live being able to integrate with devices with switch on and off that those are great  ideas alone so I love the product I will get one .

  23. Thznk you for your review that was very professional and exhaustive. It’s the first time I hear about these new headphones but I’ve used the former models and I must say that Beats headphones are among the best in the market. Best sound, best accoustic, and I also loved the fun and stylish designs. Well, I like your reviex about these headphones and I might buy them very soon. Thanks for the good job!

  24. I like that the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones comes with a Hard-shell travel case and a Carabiner clip.  Handy!  I feel like everything I buy, I then have to buy all these accessories, lol.  So glad it comes equipped!  I like the inline remote feature, also.  

    I prefer the over-the-ear type because I hate the slip of some of the other headphones, and I really like to eliminate background noise.  

    These are perfect!

    1. Thank you for the comment Babsie. The case is a added bonus with the headphones. It looks really cool with the Beats Logo on it.

  25. Very in-depth article been a huge fan of Beats and was skeptical about the Apple purchasing them. After reading this and what Apple has done to the product I’m very impressed and I’m not an Apple fan at all. Just one question was this tested with another Apple product or Android. Will there be any connectivity issues from an Android device.

    1. Hi Jason, I tested these with the iPhone X and the Samsung S9 . It worked completely fine with both the devices. I didn’t experience much difference in the performance.

  26. I like your post, you have done a great job of explaining the details in a simplistic manner so that the reader can have a good description of the product and come to a conclusion if he wants to purchase it or not and you sold me.

    I have a set of headphones that I have been using for some time now, but they’re getting a little worn out and would like to upgrade to something nicer and I like the idea of wireless. I find that headphones come in real handy when following along with training for my new business and I don’t want to disturb any body, so a good sounding pair of headphones are pretty important when you don’t want to miss out on any important details, thanks for the post.

  27. Very helpful post, thank you.

    I enjoy watching HD movies and TV series during my free time. However, I cannot watch on speakers because I am sharing an apartment with a colleague and this is where a high quality wireless headphone comes into play. And when it comes to headphones, comfort and sound are the 2 qualities I look for. 

    I would like a headphone that has a noise-cancelling feature but more importantly one that does not only cover my ears completely but also fits perfectly. It looks like Beat Studio 3 Wireless Headphones has everything that I am looking for. I am even more excited knowing that these come in other colors beside black. The fact that it is also fast charging and has a long battery life gives it a huge advantage over other headphones.

    1. Thank you for your comment Alice. I think you have came to the right site for finding your noise cancelling headphones. Beats Studio 3 will do that for you just fine.

  28. These are pretty good information on earpiece. It really helpful considering i have been enduring noisy earpiece over the years. I think the new beats3 design will do for me considering it hold firm and covers the whole ear with firm and split sound. I really don’t much about earpiece, but after reading this, I think I’m blown away about how far technology is going. These are elegant

  29. Sujandar, You did great job in reviewing this brand of earphone Beat studio 3. I love the qualities that this product has especially the fact the it reduces environmental noise and increases focusing ability. Thanks for sharing, it is informative.

    I did not realize my typo in my first comment. Well done.

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