Apple AirPods – WIRELESS

Apple AirpodsProduct name: Apple AirPods

Price: $247.47 (retail)

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

warranty: 2 years for $29.99

My rating: 9.9 out of 10

Apple AirPods are one of the best wireless Bluetooth Earphones available in the market. It is the true definition of wireless earphones as it lacks wires and cables. The Apple AirPods includes the compatible wireless charging case and the charging cable. It costs $247.47 CAD including taxes.

Frequently asked question about the AirPods is that is it going to stay in your ears or not. The AirPods are designed in way that it fits everyone. And even if you’re jogging, working out, jumping or doing any sorts of heavy physical activity it still stays on your ears.

Both the AirPods are labeled R for right and L for left. It’s available in one and only white colour.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Apple AirPods can be connected by a one tap setup. To connect the AirPods to your Apple device, press the small button on your charging case. When you do that the AirPods appears on your Apple device and what all you have to do is press connect. It’s that simple! This is just a one time setup. After connecting your AirPods to your device you can just take them out of the charging case and it connects automatically.

The AirPods has a W1 chip imputed in it which is one of the fastest and smartest chip in the world. The AirPod’s sensor allows it to connect and disconnect automatically.

Apple AirPods can be connected to your phone up to 33 feet or 10 meters.

Apple AirPods not only can be connected and used with an apple device also can be used with android devices. To connect the AirPods to your android device it’s the same process. You press the small button and go to your setting in your android device and connect it. It works with the same efficiency with your android device.


Apple AirPods have double tap feature which allows you to access:

  1. Siri
  2. Play/Pause
  3. Next Track
  4. Previous Track


When the AirPods are connected to your Apple device, you can go to settings > Bluetooth> AirPods and choose the functions you need on each side of your AirPod. AirPod has this sensor which can detect whether the AirPods are in use or not. So let’s say if you were listening to music when you take your AirPods off it automatically pauses the music and plays it back on when you put your AirPods back in your ear.

You might be wondering about the sound. Even thought the device is small, the sound is extraordinary. For such a small device like this to output sound like this is amazing.Airpod

While talking on a call, it detects your voice and it cancels any other unwanted noises and gives a clear sound to the receiver.


Using Siri you can access all the operations. You can increase and decrease your volume by double tapping your AirPod and saying “Hey Siri, increase my volume to 75%”. Also Siri can read your messages and even reply to them, you can make a call, you can ask Siri to okay a specific playlist you like and almost all the functions you normally do in your Apple device.


Apple AirPods can run up to 5 hours. And the charging case can charge the AirPods up to 5+ times making it 24 hours+. Just by charging the AirPods for 15 minutes you will have 3 hours of run time for AirPods.

To check the battery life you can either open your charging case while having your AirPods in them near your device and it will appear on your device or you can ask Siri “Hey Siri how is the battery on my AirPods?.” When the AirPods are about to die it gives a notification through sound up to 3-4 times. That’s when you know you have to charge them. Just 15 minutes of charge needed for 3 hours.

The charging case also supports wireless charging. It takes 1 hour to charge the charging case from empty. You can either plug it in with the AirPods or without the AirPods. When it’s fully charged it detects it and stops charging automatically. The charging case is so small so it’s easy to fit in your pockets and carrying it around.


This is one of the best earphones which is not only WIRELESS also has access to all the operations via Siri using the double tap feature. And also has one of the faster Bluetooth connectivity. The elegant shape and design of these Earphones holds them in their place and never slips off from your ears. It has an awesome battery life and also fast charging.




21 Replies to “Apple AirPods – WIRELESS”

  1. Thanks for your review on Apple AirPods. These look really good. I think they would make a great Xmas gift for my nephew. He loves music and listens to this when he’s walking to school, so perhaps these are an easy option for him with out the cords tangling in his bag and getting broken. I have had some many issues with broken earphone cords myself where they fray at the connecters and then they no longer work properly or not at all. I like that fact that you can also use these on an android phone because not all kids have costly iphones. I also think they may work for school camps as some kids take their phones and that to listen to music at night and then it would disturb others. It awesome that they charge in only 15 mins. Can you recharge the AirPod charging station with any normal battery pack? I am very interested in this product it looks like its a good quality and useful item for Xmas Gifts.

  2. I love the fact that these earphones are not only wireless but have access to all the operations such as Siri, and has faster Bluetooth connectivity – this is essential, not o mention the elegant shape and design of these. I’m in need of some new headphones and ones that don’t slip out from my ears. And the battery life is perfect for me. I think what sold me is the light and compact design – just beautiful! 

  3. Hi,

    this product really seems functional. It is great that battery lasts so long and that it has fast Bluetooth connectivity. My sister already has iPad and iMac, I think she would love these also! I will show her the product. I think that price is ok, brend is probably included in that, but it seems it really has quality, and she is really satisfied with her Apple products. They obviously make good machines, they products are high rated.

    Thanks for the post,


  4. Hi Sujandar, Glad to see your review!  I had always wondered about the Apple AirPods and why they were so expensive.I’m currently using the wired apple ear pods and can see these have a lot of features over these.Are there any cheaper ones that are almost as good in terms of quality?OR do you recommend its worth paying more for these apple ones?Thank you!

    1. There are lots of cheaper options. But these ones worth paying this much. It makes your life easier. Trust me you will not be disappointed by getting the apple AirPods!

  5. I had no idea about these earphones. They look so convenient, Wow, i just have the old regular kind, having a wireless pair would be so awesome.So these are actually compatible with android devices? i am so glad to come across this review. With Christmas just around the corner this would make the best present ever. I can buy this directly from amazon right?

  6. Hi and thanks for this review. You have done a really good job of using nice clear visuals and explain the design details of this product. I know Apple are a premium high quality brand, but are there any alternatives that are cheaper to these that do a similar standard job that you can recommend? Thanks Kenny

  7. Wireless Apple Airpods earphones look very nifty and useful. I like that it knows to stop playing when you take the earphones out – how cool is that?

    Also good that Apple Airpods will also work with my Android device. I like that the call clarity is extra good by canceling out unwanted noises.

    Bluetooth is so universal now making connecting things like these Apple Airpods to various devices real easy.

    I like this technology, and it is great that the earphones will stay in place in my ears without falling out.

    Thank you for a thorough review of wireless Apple Airpods.

  8. These earphones really sound great.  I only own apple products, and I have been wanting to get wireless earphones.  The wired earphones can often times be annoying.  My arm sometimes accidentally tugs on the wire and then the earphone falls out, but with wireless that wouldn’t be an issue.  The battery life sounds great, a 15 minute charge that gives you 3 hours, that’s good.  I’m impressed, and might have to invest in these. Thanks for a great review.

  9. I always listen to music while I’m working out, doing chores, or laying in bed, but I tend to stay up very late and so I have to use earbuds to avoid waking up people. So these wireless Apple AirPods definitely seems like a great option for me.

    I’m glad to see that it works for Android as well since I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone. When I saw the price though I was quite disappointed, it’s not something I can afford right now, maybe I’ll save up for it though.

    1. Hi Kent thanks for your comment on Apple AirPods. Yes you are right it is expensive but I can promise you that the Apple AirPods worth paying that much. I hope you get it. 

  10. Being an early apple fan, I can only be amazed by these wireless earphones. Fully functional, great range, full product access with other features, speed, security and last but not least design. It comes with a price… but what do you get! 

    An incredible sound and accurancy that is unequaled! For me a 10 out of 10.

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