Anker Soundbuds Review – Soundbuds Slim


Product name: Anker Soundbuds Slim Wireless

Price: $31.99

The Best place to buy: Amazon

Warranty: 2 years ($6)

Overall rating: 8/10

This is a lightweight earphone that is resistant to sweat and rain by the company anker. It is only 15 grams that you barely notice wearing them. Most of the times I don’t feel like I’m wearing it at all. Anker Soundbuds comes in black, blue and red. Their colors have this shiny finish to them which I personally love in this earphone.

Soundbuds Slim has a stronger magnet than most of the earphones. When you are not using the earphones, they can stay around your neck stuck together without sliding off.

It comes with 3 size EarTips and InEar-Hooks which gives a sturdy comfortable hold. It also comes in a black velvet traveling pouch with a magnetic snap lock for secure carrying purpose.

It has a clip attached to the cable which you can attach it to your shirt. This is a good attachment because I was able to listen to music in one ear and not have to worry about it sliding off from around my neck.


The Anker Soundbuds Slim has a high fidelity audio. The sound for me is amazing looking at the price. It has a balanced bass. To be honest for $32 I am satisfied with the audio quality. The pairing distance is good as expected. It also has noise isolation which cuts out your background noise while making calls to make your voice clear. I had no trouble even when I’m in a noisy surrounding. I was able to hear and reply with a clear audio. My ratings for the sound will be 8.5/10.

Water Resistant

Slim wireless has IPX4 nano coating which ensures resistance against sweat and rain. I dropped it in a bucket of water for testing it. Although it worked completely fine, I wouldn’t recommend trying this. It may not work every time but still it’s good to know about it. So even if you drop it by an accident in water, I think it shouldn’t be a problem.


It has a play time for 7.5 hours in 60% volume which is good for its prize. It has a battery indicator when the battery is low and also a light to indicate it. The charging time is around an hour and a half. It uses a standard USB connection for charging. My rating for the battery is 8.5/10.


Slim has three button remote which enables you to manage more conveniently. You can skip a song, answer a phone call and also control your volume. The charging port is located in the remote area. It also has a light indicator on it.


I really recommend adding warranty when you check it out. The warranty covers for damage from handling such as drops and spills. It includes replacement with no deductibles and it is an easy process to replace a new one or to reimburse your money.

Anker is also meant for their customer service. After I got my wireless slim earphones replaced they kept checking on me now and then. They always ensured my needs were full filed. Just for the customer service I would buy this product. Anker customer service exceeded my expectations. They made the replacement process so simple and hassle free solution. For the customer service I would give a straight 10/10 without even thinking about it.


Anker Soundbuds Slim is overall an amazing deal for $32. It has a good sound and audio quality. It has a good battery life and the bluetooth connectivity is normal. It is water resistant and it comfortably fits in your ears. The customer service is great. It is a good choice to go with this one if you are looking for a wireless earphones under $50.

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  1. I love the whole magnet idea so that when they are not in use, you can put them together around you so they don’t get lost.  Genius.  I hadn’t seen that feature before, I like that.  I’m also thrilled at the lightness of the buds.  Perfect!  Then you said it has great sound, well I’m sold!  LOL!  With all the features, like the water resistance, etc., I’d be silly not to get them.


  2. Thanks for the review.  I’ve avoided earbuds because they never fit quite right and/or always fell out.  The different sized ear tips and the in-ear hooks might address both of those issues for me.  Can you confirm they really are comfortable?  That’s really my biggest concern coming from over the ear to earbuds.

    I plan to use these when on calls as well.  Can you give me a rating from 1 to 10 on the clarity the microphone provides?  I want to make sure the person on the other end can hear me OK and understand me without a bunch of noise or me sounding too quiet.

    Water resistance and the battery life seem to fit my needs.  I like that the recharge time is pretty quick too.

    Thanks again and I hope to hear back from you soon.

    1. First of all thanks for your comment. Yes I have used them and they are really comfortable. They also come with earwigs which can help fit in your ears. 

      The sound quality is good. I would give a rating of 8/10. It delivers clear sound and also you won’t sound quiet because it has the noise cancellation feature which cancels unwanted noise and delivers your voice clearly.

  3. I was looking to purchase some earphones with a decent price and with a good quality at the same time. The ones that you are reccomending has all the features I was looking for and a very good price, cheaper than the one I was hoping for.

    Do they have any cons? What are other customers telling about them?

    1. I really have not heard any cons about earphones. The only one I would point out from my experience is that the battery seems to die quicker than 7.5 hours when its on 100% volume. It lasted 6.5 hours with full volume. But for a $31.99 earphones I would say that is good.

  4. Wow, affordable wireless earphones that actually work!! I have wanted the beats wireless headphones because I’ve heard so many good things about them but I don’t want to spend over $100 for headphones. I’m so glad that I found your post because now I know what to get and I’ll know that it works really well so thank you. 

  5. For a wireless pair of earbuds, this sounds like a great deal. I have used other Anker products including a wireless keyboard and I love their products. You get good quality at a lower price than their competitors.

    When I was looking at wireless earphone options, I wanted to check things out online first. I am glad I did so I could read your review. I think these earbuds are just what I am looking for! Sound quality, water resistant (I love wearing them when I do dishes) and the price is right!

    Thank you for this review and for helping me make my decision on these.

    Now, I understood you to say that they have different ear bud sizes. Is that correct? I do have problems keeping the buds in my ears sometimes, so this will be better than a one size-fits all. Do the different sizes come with the purchase or do you choose which size you want and order that package?

    Thank you again and I look forward to your reply!

    Best wishes,Karin 🙂

  6. This sounds interesting. I have tried so many different earphones already and finally always came back to the ones that come for free with an i-phone. Although, they are okay, I bet there must be better sounding earphones out there. I like the fact that Anker soundbuds are wireless and that you can also have a button for answering a call. Thanks for this helpful review.  

  7. these ear buds looks real nice! I like that they are sweat and water resistant, that way I can go running in the rain and still listen to music.

    Also the battery life seems pretty long which is also a big plus.. and all of this for only 32 bucks!

    The magnet thing is cool too, which is something I hasn’t see before. Do you think you can use here in the shower, or would it ruin them you think? 

    1. Thank you for comment Michael. No, it is not a full water resistant. So it will ruin your earphones if you use it in shower l. It can resist sweat and water droplets.

  8. Sujander, this is really one of the most thorough reviews of a product I came across. In this particular case Anker Sound-buds Slim Wireless Product. I like the way you take the reader on a journey by explaining every feature and also gives it a rating out of your personal experience of the product.. 

    Normally one experiences a variety of challenges with the ordinary sound-buds, like bad sound, not fitting properly in the ears, not water resistant, bad customer service, etc. The product you reviewed actually boasts with “state-of-the-art” features (if I can put it that way).

    The earwigs that fit in the ear, the good sound quality, the noise cancellation feature, water resistance, different sized ear tips, ear hooks lightweight, 3-button remote feature and customer service are features that will satisfy any customer.

    Thank you for an outstanding review. 

    1. Thank you for opinion William. These are really great earphones. I see how you have read all the details I have stated about these earphones. I hope you like them.

  9. I do like wireless ear buds and have a pair I use regularly.

    For the price of 32 these seem to have a decent list of pros to them.  I found when looking at ear buds before I bought that the bass was laking at the best of times.  It is one of the reasons I went for high end ear buds.

    You give these a good review of bass at $32.

  10. I have been after some decent headphones to use while running in the late evenings, the ones I have are low quality ones that dangle in my face when I’m running. I think having wireless headphones would benefit me more, however I might be concerned that they will fall out, I’m sure they won’t?

    I have heard of anker before but tend to go for bigger brands such as Sony and Bose so I will have to give them a go.

    Thanks for sharing this in depth review, it has helped me


    1. Thank for your comment Joshua Collins. These Anker Soundbuds Slim has so many pros. I have tested them while running and working out, they have never fallen out of my ear. I hope you enjoy these wireless earphones.

  11. My biggest non human love in this world is music.  I believe music is why I am still alive.  In saying this I am always looking for good buds to listen to my music at work.  As much as I love my music I cant bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars.  So in saying that I would like to say thank you for this review because these sound like they are great value for my money.

  12. It seems like every time I purchase headphones they go bad after a year or so. For that reason I rarely buy any for over 15-20 bucks because it just seems like a waste to me. Do you know if these headphones reliably last for More than a year or two? If I had a good testimonial on the quality of headphones, I might be willing to purchase some that are a little more expensive.

    I do think Anker is a good brand, so I may have to but these when my current ones inevitably break.

    1. Thank you for your comment Mariah. If you are really concerned about how long it will last I would suggest paying $6 more for a 2 year warranty. But I’m using this for about a year now it works really fine for me. I mean it depends on how you use it too. Just make sure you don’t drop it a lot and it should be fine for more than a year.

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